Who are the protesters in Iran and what do they want?

I listened to this fantastic podcast on the recent (and on-going) Iranian mass protests. I found the economic angle discussed very enlightening. It is part of a recurring BBC Radio 4 programme called The Briefing Room anchored by David Aaronovitch (@DAaronovitch), whom I follow on Twitter. Aaronovitch (incidentally) happens to live in the same Jewish-heavy N London suburb where I dwell. [Sometimes I wonder whether I should have a Bar Mitzvah for my son…but I digress; that’s a topic for another day!]

The people sharing their views in the podcast are:

Roham Alvandi, Associate Professor of International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science,

Behrang Tajdin and Jiyar Gol, reporters for the BBC Persian Service,

Hassan Hakimian, Director of the Middle East Centre at SOAS, University of London,


Azedor Moaveni, Iranian writer.


Author: Slapstik

I was born in Kashmir and a strange turn of events spanning over 2 decades led me to London, where I now live and work. I have a deep interest in linguistics, geo-political history, Science and philosophy of Science and occassionally my writings reflect that interest. I am an ardent Popperian, a technophile, a trekkie and a below average cook. Twitter: @kaeshour

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