White conspiracy!

In this age of (righteous) outrage, for anything that is worth commenting on there exists a non-empty set of someones who enrich the debate with their colour commentary and diversity dialogue. I thought I was being left out of this paradigmatic vanguard of intersectional voices, the last time I wrote on a predominantly white male topic. So, going with the zeitgeist, I present this diabolical conversation between two well-fed, entitled white males talking in presumptuous tones about the entire universe and laws that, they say, affect brown people too. Heck, brown and black… and green ones too! Weird superpositions (fancy short-hand for white superimposition) and splitting of our worlds (more Partitions of brown people!) happening to us brown folk that – get this – we are not even aware about!

It is also revealed in the conversation that one of them admits to a clear connection with the Zionist entity (ack thoo!). Their designs seem sinister, questioning agency and free-will at one point – the cheek of these white males, I tell you! Indeed, it has all the makings of a plot to deny self-determination to assorted brown bredrin across the globe. I shall have none of this white conspiracy and nor should you. But watch it to know their evil designs on us….


Coloniser mansplaining beautiful Indian girl

The guy is simply obnoxious; he epitomises the Coloniser complex that I write against.

She is obviously far above his league and he tries to defuse his insecurity by talking over her at every instance.

It’s strange that Netflix finds nothing wrong with this video when the level of aggression towards this lady is off the charts. You never walk out on a lady EVER but it’s only because she outright rejected him (she can do much better) that his ego couldn’t handle it.

As an aside I had no idea that she was Indian until he mentioned it and then only got more riled up.


Energy Vampire or Street Fighter

Dandapani: How to Spot an Energy Vampire

We all have a finite amount of energy. This is how you invest it wisely.Speaker: Dandapani for Wired for Wonder

Posted by The Daily Goalcast on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I came across the above video on facebook and I couldn’t stop listening to it. While what Guru Dandapani was saying made eminent sense I just had this tingling feeling that he resembled someone from my childhood. I finally clocked who it was, Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2 Nintendo. I remember we used to call him Dharasalama or something like that.

Apparently Dhalsim is one of the most stereotyped character in video gaming history (he had muscular build with an emaciated body🙂 but it’s interest how art & life begin to mirror one another once again.

In the series, he is a yogi, a husband, a father, and a pacifist who goes against his beliefs by entering the World Warrior tournament to raise money for his village.

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