The Prince finds his voice (finally)

That is the spirit!! Take the fight to the enemy camp etc. Unfortunately, as with many other things, it seems to be a day late and a dollar short. He found his voice only after our home-made AK-272 (Arvind Kejriwal) went to the lion’s* den in Amdavad and raised a royal stink.

And mind you, AK-ji did that without making any lame references to long dead German thieves. Seriously, why refer to Hitler when you have the all-time favorite- Mahmud of Ghazni- the burglar of Somnath? Gujaratis are well versed in his exploits, (as rumors have it) they study not much else in history from Std. I – X!!!

Addressing a large crowd in Balasinor in Gujarat’s
Panchmahal Lok Sabha constituency, Rahul hit out without taking Modi’s name but
his target was unmistakable: “Congressmen follow Mahatma Gandhi and meet
people and visit their homes. Other leaders are like Hitler. Hitler believed
there was no need to learn from the people.
Whatever will happen in Germany
will be done by Hitler.”

Ridiculing Modi for his request to the people to make him the
“chowkidar” of the country, Rahul said, “This man says make me
the chowkidar and corruption will go. How can he be the chowkidar of India when
in Gujarat he has stolen farmers’ land and gifted it to select
Rahul added, “Chor ko chowkidar kaise bana dein?”


* apologies to the king of the jungle for taking HIS name in vain


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