Mr AK-272 takes aim at media

If the messenger is outlawed only outlaws will have messengers.

It appears that the great hope of the (secular, liberal) middle class, Shri Arvind Kejriwal-ji aka AK-272 is the re-incarnation of Nehru (who himself was the great hope of secular, liberal folks).

Our first PM wanted to hang all corrupt businessman from lamp-posts. AK-272 will merely imprison all members of the media. And this is from a man who rose up from the ranks through the good-will of the media. Not a very good idea, to bite the hand that (for most of the time) feeds you laddus.

Kejriwal found himself embroiled in a raging controversy on Friday
after a surprising comment by him threatening to send media persons to
jail for allegedly promoting BJP leader Narendra Modi for monetary
considerations went viral. The controversy could well signal the end of
the Aam Admi Party’s already fraying honeymoon with the media.

video of Kejriwal’s diatribe against the media at a fund raising dinner
in Nagpur on Thursday saw him promise an inquiry against media persons
if AAP came to power. “If our government comes to power then we will set
an inquiry into this. And along with media people, all will be sent to
jail,” he said.

The video marked a shocking and sweeping attack
on the media for allegedly hyping up Modi while airing negative or
critical news about AAP and immediately sparked off a furious spat
between the party and its political opponents with BJP and Congress
leaders condemning Kejriwal’s comments as reflecting a dictatorial and
vengeful mindset.

Though Kejriwal denied the remarks saying, “I
didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything. How can I be upset with you
his senior party colleagues Dilip Pande, Ashutosh, Sanjay
Singh and Ashish Khetan stuck to charging TV and print media with
targeting AAP and promoting BJP.


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