Dravidas of the world unite (no brotherly love)

MK Alagiri is the second son of M Karunanidhi (by his second wife Dayalu Ammal). MK Stalin is the third son (MK/DA). In all there are six children from three wives.

As of today Alagiri stands expelled from the primary membership of DMK. Stalin has already been anointed as the Yuvraj.

The eventual demise of dynastic politics in India through brother shedding the blood of brother is well known (example: Aurangzeb vs Dara Shikoh). Less well known is the example of father throwing one son to the wolves so that the other son may reign in peace. This one is truly for the history books.

The point is- it is
not just the current generation that needs protection from the unseen
hand(s) of fate, additional insurance must be purchased so that the
wheels of fortune remain frozen in time.

This is the same logic followed by Duryadhona in Mahabharata when he rebuffed Krishna’s peace settlement – gifting the Pandavas a token amount of 13 villages – he would not even consider giving away land that fits the point of a needle.  

So what happens in Act II? File a criminal case against the “boy” and get him jailed for life (at the present moment DMK is not in favor of death penalty due to its campaign to release the LTTE gangsters)?

A hard-headed and indeed a hard-hearted dad. One thing for sure, this will not end nicely.


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10 years ago

I think you should give a rest of jokes on the Stalin name and the sons of the king meme. Stalin has been in politics close to 40 years, first as a mayor of Madras , and as a home minister. Both, during the anti-hindi agitations, and during the emergency, he spent close to 2 years in jail. Although he is more capable than most of the current crop of Indian CMs, he WILL not be the next chief minister because he has blood cancer, and will probably die before his father.

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