Missing God…in God’s own country

We believe this wholeheartedly- if there was a God, a supreme being who feels for her children (as we all are) she would not allow such an abomination to stand.

Normally we get along very well with people of faith, we truly enjoy the varied cultures that shine through during the ceremonies and we absolutely relish the food. Every dish is prepared with an abundance of love and it is a pleasure to share the joy. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian…this may be a cliche…they are all the same.

Then there is the sinister aspect of religion (they are all the same, again). It breeds zealots who turn into monsters on the pretext of acting as angels. In  this sense, religion is a veritable poison, tolerable in light doses, at higher doses will kill both friend and foe without discrimination.

In this case highlighted below, the greatest culpability (in our opinion) lies with Joseph’s own people at the high table.  They are supposed to (at the minimum) stand by their brother in times of need. Instead what we see is a full and complete betrayal, condemning a lady (and a loyal wife) to death and her husband who is now amongst the living dead.
After a
four year long legal battle with college authorities for his
reinstatement, Prof T J Joseph, whose right hand was chopped off by
fundamentalists in 2010, rejoined service at the church-run Newman
college in Idukki on Friday morning, three days before his retirement.

However, since annual examinations are going on, he could not take classes.

Students clapped and his colleagues shook hands as the lecturer, who is
recovering from the shock of his wife Salomi’s suicide few days ago,
rejoined service.

Joseph, head of the Malayalam department, was
suspended from service following the controversy over framing of a
question paper in 2010. Alleging that the lecturer had hurt
their religious sentiments, a fundamentalist outfit had brutally
attacked the lecturer as he was returning with his family after a Sunday
Mass on July 4, 2010.

The hand was later sutured back and he slowly recovered from the brutal attack.

The family was going through tough times with the sole bread winner
having no job. Salomi (48), who stood by Joseph during his trying times,
last week ended her life as the family was facing severe financial

Within days of her death, the college decided to take him back before his retirement on March 31.

Joseph was escorted to the college in Idukki district from Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district by police.


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