Tech-savvy Santa(s) bearing rich gifts (votes)

This is India after all…the wonder-land of the IT Parks…what else can one expect??
We now know why so many information-gurus have committed their precious time for this election. Their impeccable qualifications and sense of public service aside, it was also in the national interest to make sure that the Indian National Congress is pre-programmed to win.

Hats off to those (poor, illiterate,
low-information) fly-over-coastal voters who noticed that
their rights as citizens have been infringed and found the courage to protest.

Filed in the bitter-sweet news-bin for the intellectual class and the international press

Sindhudurg (Maharashtra), April 17 (IANS) A
malfunctioning electronic voting machine (EVM) reportedly “transferred”
all votes cast to the Congress candidate in Sindhudurg district here, in
the second incident of its kind Thursday.

The incident came to light when voters in Padve-mazagaon village
complained that when they pressed their chosen candidate’s button, only
the Congress light blinked.

Angry voters boycotted the elections for nearly three hours before
frantic election officials ordered a replacement EVM and resumed voting
around 1 p.m.

At least 68 voters claimed that their vote may have been wrongly
credited to Congress candidate Nilesh Rane contesting from the
Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg constituency in the Konkan region.

A similar incident happened at a polling booth in Pune city when
voters found that whichever button was pressed on the EVM, only the
Congress light blinked.

Alert voters brought this to the notice of the election officials, who immediately stopped voting.

Voting resumed after a delay of nearly 90 minutes after a new EVM was acquired.

The Election Commission also permitted around 28 voters who had
already cast their votes in the malfunctioning EVM to vote afresh.

Political activists of all parties have demanded an extension of
voting hours by three hours in Sindhudurg and 90 minutes in Pune to
compensate for the time lost due to the defective EVMs.


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