Lucrative job offerings (graduation not required)

The best jobs to have in India are that of the “dalals” or the go-betweens. You need not possess any skills and no investment is required. You just need to act as a bridge between two (or multiple) points of contact which sometimes help prevent jail-time for your contacts. There is a bit of risk (jail-time for yourself) but a little pain is tolerable when the gains are so considerable.

The mad gold rush continues in India and it will keep sweeping up poor people in its web of greed and deceit.
youth working as a cleaner at the international airport was caught by
the Customs trying to smuggle out 4 kg gold valued at Rs 1.04 crore
early on Sunday.

The accused, Yuvraj Solanki (21), who works
for a housekeeping firm, was caught red-handed trying to haul a bag
containing the gold bars from the toilet.

“Solanki admitted
that he had sneaked out of the airport with gold weighing 3 kg on two
occasions earlier. The accused said he received Rs 1.2 lakh for the
same,” said an official.

Earlier, two CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) officials were caught helping smugglers.


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