Extreme Points Victory

We give up, this victory is symbolic in so many ways. BJP/NDA is now a truly national party/alliance with all the extreme points covered.

India extends 3200 km on the North-South axis and on the East-West axis. While in school we had to memorize the extreme-points trivia (lattitude, longitude,…). There was really never any use for this till now (and you heard it first here on BP).

BJP swept Gujarat (26 seats) and the Kachch (earlier Kutch) Lok Sabha seat which is the westernmost one.

BJP captured entire Himachal Pradesh (4 seats) in the far North and also emerged victorious in 3/6 seats in Kashmir, including the epic battle of Ladakh which was declared only at 11pm.BJP candidate Thupstan Chhewang won the Ladakh Lok Sabha seat in Jammu and Kashmir by a slender margin of 36 votes. He defeated Tsering Samphel of the Congress, and two independents – Syed Mohd Kazim and Ghulam Raza.  

BJP captured Kanniyakumari (Tamil Nadu) on the south-end of mainland and Andaman and Nicobar islands in the extreme South.

In the North-East, BJP partner NPF won the sole Nagaland seat, while another partner NPP won in Meghalaya. BJP won 7/14 seats in Axom and 1/2 seats in Arunachal Pradesh.


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