Gujarat model: a Pakistani perspective

Gujarat provides 24/7 electricity (which should be part of a basket of benchmarks of a Minimally Developed State or MDS- our words). As per this measure Tamil Nadu is more similar to Pakistan. Gujarat (Amdavad/Juhapura) has a partition wall between H/M ghettos– 2-nation theory as practiced in Gandhi-land (also Jinnah-land -both old and new). OTOH […]

“This is like Titanic”

It is exactly like Titanic in the degree of utter contemptible manner in which the tragedy transpired and in its aftermath. ……. The disturbing video footage from inside the Sewol ferry was released to South Korean television by the Park Su-hyeon’s father, Park Jong-dae. Park Su-hyeon’s body was recovered from the vessel by South Korean […]

Refugees require relief (not crocodile tears)

Hindus are out-migrating from (mostly Hyderabad) Pakistan. The real heroes in this story are the activist/journalist Zulfikar Shah who was assisting minorities in Pakistan and had to leave as punishment and police officer Nahar Singh who is helping refugees find a foot-hold in a country which is not their home. We need many more of […]

Chennai bombing suspect in custody

The suspect was held while hiding in the train (smart guys dont make mistakes like that). Naturally they will not disclose who he is and why they have booked him. But if he is truly a “person of interest” then we should expect rapid progress. There will be intense pressure to resolve this case quickly. […]

Mice fear men (love women)

It is just like Saudi Arabia in reverse, men should not be exposed to mice unless accompanied by a woman. Though it is just one study, we feel it makes sense. Cant really blame the mice, they are just looking for a mother’s love (dont we all). To solve this problem men should try to […]

Safe jobs (2029)

Late in the 21st century there will be NO safe jobs. Everything hard will be done by computers, everything tedious, dirty, and dangerous by robots (including warfare). People will probably die of boredom, just sitting around at home and watching reality TV all day. ……. According to CareerCast’s “Best Jobs of 2014” report, employers are […]

The (im)moral Maharajah

Adultery in our opinion is not necessarily a moral crime (in the context of an open marriage). We doubt this was the case when the famous lady journalist hotted it up with the Maharajah of Raghogarh (Guna, Madhya Pradesh) but this will be settled between the private individuals and is not a public concern. Normally […]