Hafeez Hindu bhai bhai!!!

….”He denied all the allegations against him”….”He
said he came to know about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks…on television”
…. Saeed now says “he would
welcome Mr Modi in Pakistan.”

So…the Hindu Brotherhood is bromancing Hafeez
Saeed. South Asians do love drama-bazi, but if this is not ridiculous, what is?

Remember, LK Advani was pilloried for having merely praised Jinnah (a past enemy). Dr.
Vaidik is breaking bread (he sweetly refused sweets in honor of Ramzan) with a
living enemy, a $10 mil terrorist.
Dr Ved Pratap Vaidik’s recent 20-day tour of Pakistan seems to have been
precociously productive. He met a number of former soldiers, diplomats,
experts and journalists, even Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 

As with any
good trip, there are photographs. None sadly are selfies — which is all
that is missing from Vaidik’s excellent adventures in Pakistan.


From Vaidik’s point of view, it was time well spent, a discovery of a
kinder, gentler ‘other’. He went looking for a big, bad Muslim state
bent on total annihilation of India, but found instead a peace-loving

This time, the mood has changed. Nobody made any comment about Prime
Minister Narendra Modi that could have upset me. Overall, Pakistani
leaders and scholars’ opinion was that if the Indian people had accepted
Modi, then why should Pakistanis not accept it?… Pakistanis don’t
fear any longer that India can destroy Pakistan or seize ‘Azad Kashmir’
at gun-point…” Vaidik writes in his blog.

Open the Wagah border, now!


As all dutiful self-appointed diplomats, Vaidik did not shy away from
the more daunting tasks of his goodwill tour.  He met former ‘prime
minister’ of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Sardar Ateeq, his father, the
90-year-old Sardar Qayyum, PoK’s seniormost leader. 

And, oh yes, Hafeez
Saeed, the prime conspirator of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, wanted by
Indian courts, under trial in Pakistan and leader of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa,
the political arm of terror group Lashkar-e-Toiba and recently itself
named a terror outfit by the US.

Right, that guy.


Vaidik said the meeting was unplanned, and arranged all of a sudden.
Then again, he also says the meeting had been in the works for over a
year, arranged by the anchor of a prominent Pakistani news channel.
Whatever the case, Vaidik was in the neighbourhood…. so why not,
especially since the meet-and-greet seems to have gone so swimmingly


According to The Indian Express,
things were a bit chilly on the outset —  first dates can be awwk-ward
— but happily they soon broke the ice when Vaidik refused the offered
snacks in solidarity with his host who was observing roza. And things
just got better and better, especially once Saeed cleared up all those
silly misunderstandings involving bombs, hotels and dead people.


“He denied all the allegations against him,” Vaidik told Times Now. “He
said he came to know about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks only two
hours after the attack on television news,” he added.


Really? You don’t say. And here we have a warrant out for his arrest —
or more accurately, his head. It’s almost like a shuddh Bollywood
romance: warring clans, crossed wires, cue tragedy. All it takes is two
hearts filled with true aman ki asha to bring everyone together in
peace, love and understanding. 

This is why Vaidik wants the Indian
government to invite Saeed to India to “hold a large public meeting and
clarify his standpoint”.


There was a whole lot of clarifying going on. While Saeed got an
opportunity to ‘clear’ his name, Vaidik did his best to clear that of
his leader, as he told ANI, “Hafeez Saeed asked me about Narendra Modi.
He said Modi is dangerous and now he has become the Prime Minister of
India. He said that Modi is dangerous for the whole of South Asia. I
said that his thinking is not right. There is no need to fear Modi.”


So strenuous were Vaidik’s efforts that  Saaed now says “he would
welcome Mr Modi in Pakistan.” Now that’s an invitation no Indian prime
minister can resist. Maybe Modiji can take Saeed some dhoklas.  And they
should have plenty to talk given Saeed’s keen interest in all things
Modi, including his personal life.


“I don’t know why they ask such questions but when he persisted I also
asked him whether he is a brahmachari (bachelor). He said he has three
wives and I told him he is one short at which he burst out laughing,”
Vaidik told Express, fondly giving a whole new meaning to the term
‘fraternising with the enemy.’


We don’t know what Modi himself feels about at this unexpected
breakthrough in Indo-Pak relations. Both he and his government have
refused to comment on Vaidik,  as has his party spokesman Mukhtar Abbas
Naqvi — — other than to say that they had nothing to do with the

But Vaidik is an aide of a prominent supporter of the BJP and
Modi, ie Baba Ramdev. That’s a bit inconvenient for a party that created
a ruckus in Parliament back in 2012 just because then Union home
minister Sushilkumar Shinde referred to Hafeez as  “Shri Saeed” and “Mr
Saeed”.  (Though now if Vaidik has his way, it will be Hafeez Bhai from
here on out.) And yet the Modi sarkar resolutely refuses to condemn the


In political terms, this will all be a storm in a parliamentary teacup. 
All that will be left is the enduring embarrassment of the Indian Right
who have to accept that one of their own has outdone even that
‘terrorist loving’ Arundhati Roy.  And there is no cure for that.


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