Indian genetics, part n of many

I put up close to definitive piece for me in relation to South Asian historical population genetics. At least until new research is published. I did leave out some stuff about my own vague thoughts…but I think the takeover of Hattian and Hurrian cultures by the Nesha (Hittites) and Haryannu (Mitanni) have something to teach us….

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Israel Ramirez
Israel Ramirez
6 years ago

My gut reaction whenever I hear someone say “I am not a racist!” is to assume that the speaker is probably a racist. You don’t help your image by saying that. And it isn’t necessary. You write intelligently enough that anyone should respect you and tolerate any unconventional views you may hold. People who don’t see your knowledge and intelligence aren’t going to be swayed by proclamations of your lack of racism.

6 years ago
Reply to  Razib Khan

Because its true and he is right. And you care about both.

6 years ago

It’s pretty much done now. This piece pretty much sums up the genetic picture of South Asia.

Many thanks to yourself and Zack Ajmal for synthesising the science and explaining it in layman’s terms, I hope you’re more appreciated for bringing light to the politicised ancestry of 25% of the Worlds population.

Some of the finer details that im interested in:

Who are the ASI, where did they come from and how do they differ from the eastern non-Africans such as the Papuans and Australian Aborigines. My gut instinct tell me their point of expansion is eastern southern India in Telugu or Tamil land where phenotypically their ancestry is the strongest

Who are the Iranian Neolithic ANI – where did they originate, what ancestral groups form their cluster, how do they relate to neighbouring populations? Did they expand West as well as south?

Why is Indian mtDNA even up to the north-west predominantly ASI if admixture between ANI and ASI only occurred 4000 years ago. Even Pashtuns have significant ASI ancestry which can be assumed to be maternal due to the uncompetitive ASI y-dna

My theory is that the Dravidian languages were brought down from the IVC from the paternal ANI line, particularly strong ancestry on the Western Coast of India which forms the ancient IVC settlement patterns from Balochistan to Gujarat. Is there any evidence that can confirm this?

Who are the Austro-Asiatic Tribals? are they from Taiwan or Papua or related to those? and are they recent migrants? this group has a strong presence in Orissa, Bengal, Bihar and Eastern/Central India

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