Male mysogyny against woman of South Asian heritage

Today disgusting deeply offensive rumors abounded about an affair between UN ambassador Nikki Haley and President Trump.

Is this male misogyny against woman of South Asian heritage? What if anything can be done to reduce male misogyny against woman of South Asian heritage? Look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.

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Razib Khan
6 years ago

it’s just women. don’t think the ethnic angle is big here (especially since haley is ethnically ambiguous in american context).

Min mini pucci
Min mini pucci
6 years ago

I just don’t see how the rumor could have anything to do with her South Asian ancestry.

Just seems like typical theater surrounding Trump. I never gave this rumor any care but I ‘get’ why it even exists. He is widely believed to be unfaithful and years ago Haley was accused of being unfaithful.

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