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I would define the “intellectual dark web” as the confluence and convergence of leaders from classical European enlightenment, hard sciences, technology (including neuroscience, bio-engineering, genetics, artificial intelligence), and east philosophy streams. Among the intellectual dark web’s many members are Dr. Richard Haier, Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Haidt, Ben Shapiro, Weinstein brothers, Sam Harris, Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Yuval Noah Harari, Thomas Friedman, Maajid Nawaz, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku , Dr. VS Ramachandran, Steven Pinker, Armin Navabi, Ali Rizvi, Farhan Qureshi, Peter Beinart, Gad Saad, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand.  If Steve Jobs were still alive, I would include him among them. They defy easy labels and are high on openness. I hesitate to label others without their permission, but our very own Razib Khan strikes me as a potential leader of the “intellectual dark web”; although I will withdraw this nomination if he wishes. 😉

Some see the intellectual dark web as the primary global resistance to post modernism. I don’t agree. Rather I see them as ideation and intuition leaders thinking different:

Steve Jobs I believe used the word “hippie” to refer to the intellectual dark web:

Steve Jobs called it what we experience when there are gaps. This movement inspired by the gaps is changing the world, and I believe will lead to a rapid convergence of science, technology, art, poetry, philosophy and religion into a continuum of possibility. Perhaps this continuum of possibility is poetically referenced:

In the past many saw this as “Wu wu”. But Neurology might soon unlock a larger part of mysticism:

The rapid evolution of technology enabling the “intellectual dark web” is closely related to Enlightenment philosophy and the scientific method:

To better explain how all these till now disparate fields are converging would require stand alone articles on genetics, neuroscience, bio-engineering, AI with interconnects to the brain and nervous system, eastern philosophy, Enlightenment philosophy, psychology and economics. And then interdisciplinary articles explaining the covariances between these various threads to connect them all together. Deep dives into particular narrow fields of study assist with finding partial equilibrium that maximize outcomes adjusting a single variable. The “intellectual dark web” is about finding general equilibrium that maximize outcomes by adjusting many variables at once. Economics as a profession often seeks general equilibrium maximization but till now has lacked the understanding, models, technologies and philosophies to do so. More on this will hopefully be elaborated in the future. For now I would like to mention some of the leaders of the “intellectual dark web” who come from the field of psychology.

Jonathan Haidt’s big awakening that helped him understand human behavior, human experience and American conservatism happened during his three month stay in India (29 minutes into the video):

Janathan Haidt was a hard leftist before visiting India.

Another great leader transforming psychology is Jordan Peterson. Large parts of Jordan Peterson’s philosophy is extremely similar to eastern philosophy:

Hope to elaborate on how in future articles about how closely the cutting edge of psychology is mapping with empowerment, neuroscience, Steve Job’s “gaps”, religions from around the world and the open architecture of Sanathana Dharma:

These ideas and trends threaten to make human beings far more powerful and knowledgeable in the near future, playing with cosmic powers. Could this be what scares post modernists the most? I would like to end this long disparate essay with a discussion between two of the world’s greatest living intellectuals who just found out hours ago that:

  1. There is something called the “intellectual dark web”
  2. Prominent journalists think they are leaders of it

Their reactions are priceless. I look forward to seeing Razib Khan’s reaction to being nominated for a similar honor (which will be withdrawn instantly if he so desires). Let us see if it is similarly priceless.  🙂

The “intellectual dark web” is making transparent all the bad things about our society that till now were glossed over and hidden.

John McWhorter expresses the deep frustration and disgust that hundreds of millions of people of African heritage must feel when they are constantly condescendingly, pretentiously, patronizingly talked down to by post modernists about how racism and bigotry directed against them can in any way prevent them from achieving infinitely more than their hearts greatest dreams. Asians can greatly relate to this disgust. This is classic stucturalist, orientalist, imperialist and hegemonic colonization of the mind with inferiority complex to damage self confidence, discredit knowledge and achievement, and keep people down. This is how post modernists kept the Asian poor down for so long. Until Asians started fighting back.

Glenn Loury delivers a devastating indictment of insincere fake caucasions cheering Ta-Nehisi Coates 30 minutes in. Asia and Latin America are rising fast. Americans of Asian and Latino ancestry are rising fast. As he says, “everyone knows it”. Tokenism is insulting to people of African heritage. The paucity of black faces and the soaring number of Asian faces in non humanities academia, science, engineering, business, consulting, finance is known by everyone. No one is fooled. “Everybody knows that it is not the fault of racist white institutions.”. He says that when non blacks nod their heads in affirmation of post modernist Ta-Nehisi Coates type rhetoric, “they know they are lying.” People such as Ta-Nehisi Coates “are dependent upon a certain type of generosity, and certain kind of forbearance, a certain kind of license”. John McWhorter responds 37 minutes in that caucasions back Ta-Nehisi Coates because they think “beat me, beat me, hit me, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh”, or a type of self flagellation orgasm.

Before 1861, education of slaves and free blacks in the American south was either banned or discouraged. Very cleverly slave owners tried to colonize the minds of slaves and free blacks to manipulate them to look down on education, and to make fun of what are today called nerds and geeks. African nerd and geek students continue to be daily bullied, made fun of, beaten up. They are called “uncle tom”, “coons”, and accused of “acting white”.

In the last century post modernists have done all they can to accelerate this trend, which many say has gotten a lot worse since the 1960s. No doubt some well intentioned collaborators of African ancestry are partly complicit. But most of the blame and most of the people promoting this are post modernists who don’t have African heritage. When President Obama gave his famous speech on fatherhood, he was savaged by caucasion post modernists for blaming the victim. The same happens to all people of African heritage who try to fight back. Caucasion post modernists always put up a “black” face or a “minority” face in front to cover their dark agenda, and love to call anyone who disagrees with them racist. But increasingly the facade is falling. They are the global structural racism that is aimed at preventing the rise of people of African heritage around the world.  And their time is almost up.

The global solution to poverty is improved physical health (obesity and exercise are heavily correlated with income in econometric studies), improved mental health (which includes self confidence), improved intelligence (40% of all variations in income can be explained by IQ scores) and neoliberalism. The “intellectual dark web” is making all of this happen. It is transforming our species into super humans.

PS. Addition. Mir, can you read “Inequality and the Intellectual Dark Web“. It came out after yours truly’s article and gives a different perspective on the intellectual dark web.

With respect to caucasion post modernist social justice warriors advocates advancing the interests of African Americans, please watch the following three videos from John McWhorter and Glenn Loury (who I consider to be among the world’s two greatest living intellectuals). Please share what you think:

To summarize the teachings of religions the world over:

  • First we must be;
    • For example how the young Mohammed pbuh had to rip himself apart piece by piece to become the prophet he transformed into. Some might call this purity;
  • Then do;
    • authenticity or synthesis of thought, word and deed; allowing our true self to manifest;
  • Then see;
    • Observe others very carefully. Understand them better than they understand themselves. Ensure that what we are and what we do is relevant and helpful to others;
  • Then tell;
    • Help, inspire or advise others;

It is extremely good to want to love, help and serve all. But we need to develop our own hearts and increase our own intelligence (buddhi or बुद्धि in Sanskrit) to be able to help others. We need worthiness (Yogya or योग्य in Sanskrit).

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  1. Steve jobs was a strange man. He spent two years in India as a hippy and a disciple of Amrohi Baba I think. Yet , in later years he never talked about his India stay and completely blanked it out .
    His biological father was a Syrian who abandoned him and his sister and their mother as he could not marry them due to his Syrian family’s urging. In later years , he had no wish to meet his biological at all , obviously he was very angry with him. He refused to meet him, even though the latter wanted to meet Steve. He traced his bio sister , as both of them were given away for adoption , and was close to her in later years. It speaks volumes of the social dynamism of the US, that Steve Jobs became what he became.

    1. VC, Steve Jobs had connections to Buddhism and Hinduism in the last year of his life. During his funeral, one electronic book was given to all attendees. The book was: “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

      Steve Jobs had a scientific mind and believed what could be proven with science or what he experienced. Many seekers of the truth are similar. In the east; faith is not required. Sincere seeking is enough.

      1. Steve also had an idea that his cancer could be cured by non-allopathic means. That proved to be fatal , not that with allopathy he would have fared better

  2. >Steve Jobs I believe used the word “hippie” to refer to the intellectual dark web:

    These guys aren’t hippies lmao. I’m not sure about the dozens of scientists and grifters you’ve tacked next to JBP’s name, but the latter’s whole book is about how people should be more focused on improving themselves rather than going out and changing the world. That sounds nice, but would you advise blacks to sit at home, focus on improving themselves and not demonstrate during the ’50s? Would you tell them to do it while Republicans try to disenfranchise blacks by gerrymandering states like in North Carolina and Wisconsin?

    Also, lmao at the fact that of all people to write this piece, it was the guy from the ‘Hindus are the most oppressed group in India’ crowd.

    1. Have you extensively studied Jordan B Peterson? Maybe he deserves a stand alone article. I don’t agree that he is saying not to help others. Rather he is saying to improve ourselves first, and then try to help others with humility. Isn’t this what Jesus and spiritual masters from around the world also taught?

      Most of the problems in the world are caused by people trying to help others and being unsuccessful. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. By transforming and improving ourselves we make ourselves more intelligent; and we can better help others. This is one of the largest motivations for people to spiritually progress, to become liberated/enlightened/free/self realized/self actualized?

      As an aside many of the people who try to hurt others end up helping the people they try to hurt.

      Mir, have you extensively studied Booker T. Washington? He was the undisputed leader of the American civil rights movement 1890-1915 and someone I admire greatly. His philosophy was similar to Jordan Peterson.

      By the way Razib Khan is not a grifter! 🙂 :LOL:

      1. My friend (who is quite connected in the Tory party) went see/meet Jordan (maybe it was a talk). I had no idea who Jordan was and then I realised I had read about him in iSteve the day before.

        Now I can’t stop coming across Jordan B Peterson; life is funny like that sometimes..

      2. >Rather he is saying to improve ourselves first, and then try to help others with humility.

        He actively disparages activism and people trying to improve society. This is the same person who compared transgender activists to Mao in that famous BBC interview of his.

        >By transforming and improving ourselves we make ourselves more intelligent; and we can better help others. This is one of the largest motivations for people to spiritually progress, to become liberated/enlightened/free/self realized/self actualized? As an aside many of the people who try to hurt others end up helping the people they try to hurt. Mir, have you extensively studied Booker T. Washington? He was the undisputed leader of the American civil rights movement 1890-1915 and someone I admire greatly. His philosophy was similar to Jordan Peterson.

        I’m familiar with him but I don’t know too much about him. Perhaps you could educate me on what he accomplished. Did he effectively end segregation and Jim Crows laws which you know, he was campaigning against? Oh wait, no he didn’t. And when the Whites saw Black people getting uppity, they ended up doing things like this.
        >The Tulsa race riot, sometimes referred to as the Tulsa Massacre[2][3][4][5], Tulsa pogrom,[6][7][8] or Tulsa race riot of 1921, took place between May 31 and June 1, 1921, when a white mob attacked residents and businesses of the African-American community of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.[1] This is considered one of the worst incidents of racial violence in the history of the United States.[9] The attack, carried out on the ground and by air, destroyed more than 35 blocks of the district, at the time the wealthiest black community in the nation. More than 800 people were admitted to hospitals and more than 6,000 black residents were arrested and detained, many for several days.[10] The Oklahoma Bureau of Vital Statistics officially recorded 39 dead, but the American Red Cross estimated 300.

        What do you think? Maybe these guys didn’t study hard enough. Despite Washington’s efforts, the US needed another Civil Rights movements with radical figures like Malcom X and groups like the Black Panthers to agitate the Americans enough into giving them equal rights. Even the socialist Martin Luther King Jr. who every single conservative figure seems to cling to nowadays was despised back then for his controversial views. If your Jordan B. Peterson was present back then, it’s likely he’d be comparing MLK to Stalin and telling him to shut up.

        1. I dislike most aspects of JB Peterson’s ideas and think he is somewhat of an crank but I support him fully in his stand of free speech and empiricism. The difference between MLK’s day and today is that it is the minority and POC self appointed representatives who are trying to shut people up. Free speech is now white supremacy! Wow! Politically weak, economically less powerful, numerically smaller groups are agitating against free speech! Lambs demanding sharper knives!

          1. > I support him fully in his stand of free speech

            It’s incredible how you can pin every violation of free speech on trans activists to defend the guy who compared activists to mass-murdering dictators and tried to set up a list of courses teaching ‘neo-Marxist’ content to get people to boycott them. You’ll need to walk me through how you’ve managed to repackage his McCarthyesque witch hunting into a principled stand on free speech. If you want to support a group or individual which respects free speech, by all means, support the ACLU which has consistently defended free speech without any of the ‘all my critics are communists’ nonsense.

            > empiricism.

            JBP is miles away from being an empiricist, buddy.

          2. Well Mir, organizing people to boycott something is a democratic, liberal process, physically shutting down a speech or preventing other people from attending, listening a speech is not. Very simple. Everyone has right to point out , discuss, make list of things that they think are harming the society and then popularize that so that people can make choice to not do those things. That’s what people do in democracy everyday. That’s why anti-BDS legislation are very illiberal. It is choice. But activists going out to prevent a speech from taking place is not.

          3. Hold on, so you have a problem with minority and PoC representatives saying free speech is white supremacy but no issue with a public figure like Jordan Peterson calling professors teach material not in line with his standards are marxists bent on destroying Western civilization? What JBP was trying to do was defamation which last time I checked, wasn’t covered by free speech.

          4. @Mir

            I think the context in which this comparison was being made is the methods being employed to force Jordan to agree to the law on how to address transgender. I agree with Jordan that such changes in language should be organic, and that the activist did not represent the entire body of transgenders……it was basically a power move by the activists….hence in the league of Mao.

  3. I would delete Thomas Friedman from you list and replace him with Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Friedman is a NYT liberal rent seeking hack while Taleb has published original, unique, mathematically based work showing why large predictive modeling produces skewed results that never withstand the test of time. Taleb also thinks Steven Pinker is full of shit. Plus you’re guilty of podcastism by ignoring Dave Rubin, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro and even Joe Rogan who are central players in the current Dark Web phenomenon. The ideas of the Dark Web are gaining traction via long form podcast interviews with some of the folks you listed as well as guys like Eric Weinstein who (if memory serves) coined the term.
    Regardless of who started this trend and who is a member of the Dark Web the fact is that millions of people around the world are rejecting the establish liberal narrative and seeking true knowledge and understanding from some of the brightest thinkers alive today…and there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. Mir, the article has been updated to respond to you. The answer for African Americans is the same as it is for everyone else. As we transform ourselves, our own innate greatness, heart, intelligence, competence and capacity will manifest. Everything else will take care of itself.

    Marxists and post modernists have done far more damage to Asians, Africans and Latin Americans than they have to Europeans and North Americans. I am not a fan of the over fifty articles a young Karl Marx wrote on India. Marxism and post modernism are the same thing as hegemony, imperialism, colonialism, oppression and structural racism. They colonized the minds of “darkies” with inferiority complex to damage self confidence; to deconstruct,delegitimize, impugn, discredit, pervert, subvert and replace ancient advanced civilizations/cultures/systems/philosophies.

    By exposing post modernism Jordan Peterson has increased the breathing room for oppressed “darkies” from around the world to reclaim their ancient heritage and values with pride and self confidence.


    Thanks for your valuable contribution. Everyone Tim’s blog is:
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan have been added to the list above. Thomas Friedman is himself a target of post modernists who vilify him. Thomas Friedman is a big supporter of neo-liberalism, globalization, and the power and knowledge within all of us.

    Most of the members of the intellectual dark web would probably describe themselves as “liberals” or deny any label. Many have traditionally been associated with the left. All have a refreshing degree of intellectual honesty, curiosity, humility, and openness.

  5. I was scared and saddened to see Michael Eric Dyson:
    And mostly not by the way Eric called Jordan Peterson a “mean mad white man and the viciousness is evident.” (Eric Dyson acknowledged knowing almost nothing about Jordan Peterson personally. Jordan Peterson is not an American and has fans around the world.)

    Americans, unusually provincial by global standards, are generally unaware of the degree to which the rest of the world watch what Americans say. My fear is that attitudes such as Eric Dyson’s will fuel and exacerbate global anti-Americanism. Eric Dyson is personifying the caricature of the “Ugly American”.

    Mr. Dyson’s harsh advocacy of the tyranny of modernism/marxism/structuralism/Freudianism/Subaltern studies/post modernism fills people around the world with fear. Imperialist, orientalist, hegemonic, exploitative Europeans intentionally oppressed their “darkie” subjects with a colonization of the mind to promote inferiority complex and damage self confidence. The universalist meritocratic meta narratives of advanced ancient civilizations, cultures, sciences and philosophies were deconstructed, delegitimized, negated and replaced by a post modernist universalist norm and post modernist meta-narrative.

    It is only now that Asians and to a lesser degree Latin Americans and the African continent are slowly breaking out of this colonization of the mind.

    It is incredibly offensive and dangerous to in the slightest way indirectly imply that “darkies” are not potentially very wise and very powerful.

    It is also misleading to imply that European ideas of post modernism are not in themselves a universalist norm and universalist meta-narrative aimed at negating and replacing other universalist norms and meta-narratives from ancient cultures around the world.

    Almost all tyrannical systems are led by well intentioned leaders who think they are doing good; the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Mr. Eric Dyson is such a person and I hope his philosophy doesn’t come to power.

    1. A serious and important question for the entire Brown Pundit community. Should we do anything if someone such as Mr. Eric Dyson calls us a:
      “mean mad asian man”?
      I don’t know the answer. But mark my words, the attack is coming. When I was fifteen I saw academics in American university attack “Asian fat cats”; and call Hindus/Buddhists “Nazis” and “Fascists.” Back then American academics were anti conservative muslim too (81% of American muslims voted for GW Bush in 2000).

      But what worries me even more is the fate of the African continent. When Asians, Latin Americans, Russians, Europeans, North Americans hear this . . . and they are hearing this a lot; their natural response is to limit immigration, student visas, business visas and travel visas from the African continent and from people of African ancestry. This also fuels tensions between people of African heritage and people around the world who don’t have African ancestry. This is devastating for Africa and the world.

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