Does Bangladesh need to do more to “assert” itself? I’m sharing a short link on what’s going on in Assam; frankly it’s pretty disgusting. The NorthEast wing of India has seen much ethnic turbulence: (1.) Nepalis expelled from Bhutan (2.) Bengalis from Assam (3.) Rohingyas from Burma Nepalese and Bangladeshis seem to be the hyper fecund Indo-Aryan ethnicities overwhelming the Sino-Tibetan populations. It’s […]

On ethnicity

A really strange conversation on ethnicity broke out below. The primacy of lots of different variables was argued. My family arrived in the USA ~1980 when there were not too many South Asians compared to today. Additionally, they have lived in major urban areas, small towns, and medium-sized cities. My parents grew up in (East) […]

South Asian nationalism

Stranger: “You look Pakistani, are you?” Me: “No, I’m Indian.” Them: “OMG, I’m SO sorry.” Me: “Huh?” This has happened to me 5 times. Makes me uneasy that people think it’d be normal & ok to dislike people of another nationality so much I’d be offended to be mistaken for one. — Saloni (@salonium) July […]