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Kushal Mehra is one of Hinduism’s and atheism’s greatest thought leaders and scholars. Kushal does not identify as Hinduttva and describes himself as non left. However he is deeply respected by Hinduttva people and knows many of her leaders. He is a Hindu Atheist. Of the 10 ancient Darshanas (or sights or views or philosophies) of Hinduism he follows Chaarvaaka. [Other philosophies include Buddhism, Jainism, Samkhya/Yoga, Purva Mimaamsaa/Uttara Mimaamsaa, Nyaaya/Vaisheshika, Ajivika]

Ali and Armin are two heroes of the world’s 1.6 billion muslim heritage global community. I am only 4 minutes into the above video but intend to watch and comment on it.


Adding Saurav’s comment from another thread:

This is to address some of the comments here about hinduism/vedanta/enlightenment etc made here, twiter and the other article about Hindutava by Annan.

I am frequently surprised by how much difference there is in “web” hindutva/hinduism (including this blog) and on the ground Hinduism/Hindutva. Let us be very very clear the ethnicity and traditions from which on the ground hindutva is driven. It isnt driven by high level intellectualism which has been professed here/ twitter etc. Its driven on the ground by Hindu conformists/ conservatives of North Indian stock. There is nothing problematic about it. But let us be at least honest about it. In India because every “hindu” community is so large that they feel what they profess is real “Hinduism”. I have met Bengali “hindu” and Tam Brahm who possess no electoral power back in their own state go on and on teaching others about Hindutva/Hinduism. The hindutva world does not run for better or for worse on Tukaram/ Adi Shankracharya/ Vivekanda/Charvaka. Had it been then Arya Samaj would have been bigger than RSS. It runs on Ram /Hanuman and for females(Durga). It projects masculinity(again not a value judgement) and not on “enlightenment” values/intellectualism. Its not run by hindu “free thinkers” like the ones we find over the internet. The web space is not projecting the real face (positive or negative) of the movement on how its conducted on the ground. Please lets separate what we want and our own projection over the movement and our analysis on what the movement really is. The day some other “Hindu” movement (led by Slapstick Teasari and Annan) becomes bigger than the current one i will happily accept that.

What are everyone’s thoughts?


Global alliances and wheels within wheels

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5 years ago

Why do you have two ts in hindutva?
It is written/pronounced in Hindi with a single ta.

aapka shubhchintak,
Jagganath Jangesh

Apne namdhey ko parivartit kar main ab hindu dharm mein sammilit hun. Asha hai ke modi va yogi ji mujhe apne charankamalon mein sthan dein.


Xerxes the Magian
5 years ago
Reply to  Jaggu

Vidhi was telling me “tva” is not Sanskrit?

5 years ago

tva ya ta se kuch parivartit nahin hoga.

Hindu ekta amar rahe. Ram lalla ka mandir to ab wahin banega. Teil laga lo dabur ka, naam mita do babur ka.

5 years ago

This is a comment i need to make, https://www.amazon.in/Beyond-Dharma-Dissent-Sciences-Politics/dp/938769321X . And these comments by this lady. rt’d by omarali. Her comments are rather shameless considering it was from me she seems to have got this. Also , i am not sure of these historians/other academics/journos who trawl the web and copy. (it happened to me)



My criticism was against this view of “hinduism is stagnant,static” argument. Anyone can see both in arthashastra,kamashastras and mahabharata see discussions on how one can choose two of the three. I suppose if they have to avoid the fall of India without faulting islam, then they must impose rigidity and then when that fails come up with this discourse of dissent. Its all nonsense.

It is same as a strawman argument. Twice over!!!

Brown Pundits