Happy New Year!

All the very Best for 2019 for you, family, friends and the world. Peace Happiness, Health and Wealth is my wish for all. Every day is the beginning of the future and the years to come. ඔබ, ඔබගෙ පවුලෙ සියලුදෙනාට, මිතුරන්ට හා මුලු ලොවට ඉතාම සුබ අලුත් 2019 වසරක් පතමි. සාමය, සතුට, සෞඛ්‍ය හා ධනය […]

A Historic Picture (and some reminiscences about 1971 BD War)

From Dr Hamid Hussain General Sam Manekshaw speaking to two Pakistani Air Force officers in plane bringing him to Pakistan for negotiations after 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. Gentleman sitting in suit is a public relations officer of Indian Ministry of Defence and gentleman standing in white overall is a sergeant of the Indian Air Force. Photograph courtesy […]

Marathas, Mauryas & Moghul

The comments thread talked about the education history of Indian school kids. This is LV’s atlas book that I came across. I found it interesting that India went from Moghul to Maratha to Independence. If only it were so 🙂 On an unrelated topic I have noticed why Desis and third worlders (partially) obsess over […]

I stand with Sajid on Pakistani Pedophilia

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Javid said stripping offenders of British citizenship would happen only in extreme cases involving individuals with dual nationality. He was pressed on the issue by the programme’s guest editor, the Pakistani-British writer Kamila Shamsie, who pointed out that the lack of sex offender registers in Pakistan would make it easier […]