Does Britain need a Trump to handle Brexit

Brexit is such a contentious matter that I don’t know where to start.

My Arch-Tory tribal instincts have overridden my normal active Social Justice Ghazi mode and I don’t like to see Britain humiliated in such a manner.

Theresa needs to channel her Trump and signal a collective fuck off to the EU. The lecherous manner in which Juncker was handling her earlier today was simply shameful:

4 thoughts on “Does Britain need a Trump to handle Brexit”

  1. Nebulous is very charitable.

    What about clueless, inane, stupid nitwit.

    At this point, she has no ideA, and doing completely random things. This is a big circular firing squad.

  2. In Brexit saga, the Irish are the smartest. For centuries, they have felt weak and vulnerable against the British. Now they let 27 member EU do the heavy lifting for them i.e. do all the negotiations and political tussle with Britain. The Irish had never had it so good politically.

  3. Winston Churchill describes in his memoirs of the First World War – The World Crisis- how , in 1914, the British cabinet spent days and days discussing the ‘Irish question’ as if there was nothing else in the world – and suddenly news of the assassination at Sarajevo was conveyed to the cabinet like a bolt. At that time, European disunity brought the British together. Now in the face of European unity and apparent unanimity , the British have gone into disunity and disarray.

  4. Constitutionally , referendum results are not binding on the government. Only the Parliament has the final say. but the British MPs are wary of using the big stick and overturning the referendum results and assert their authority.

    The events have shown that Decisions by Referendum is not a good idea and counter productive, especially when the constitutional validity of referendum results is not clear. . People have chosen their MPs and so any decisions have to be taken by MPs and not referendums.

    Perhaps with the suitable technology, referendums can be made default mode of decision making and this will obviate Parliaments completely.

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