Arundhati Roy on Kashmir; Pakistan is simply another Bantustan

A quick note on Ms. Roy’s thoughts:

NEW DELHI —With his reckless “pre-emptive” airstrike on Balakot in Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inadvertently undone what previous Indian governments almost miraculously, succeeded in doing for decades. Since 1947 the Indian Government has bristled at any suggestion that the conflict in Kashmir could be resolved by international arbitration, insisting that it is an “internal matter.” By goading Pakistan into a counter-strike, and so making India and Pakistan the only two nuclear powers in history to have bombed each other, Modi has internationalised the Kashmir dispute. He has demonstrated to the world that Kashmir is potentially the most dangerous place on earth, the flash-point for nuclear war. Every person, country, and organisation that worries about the prospect of nuclear war has the right to intervene and do everything in its power to prevent it.

I followed another link to this article, In Pulwama Bomber Adil Ahmad Dar’s Village, It’s Another Day, Another Death, and I was shocked to see that the bomber was a native Kashmiri.

In Pulwama Bomber Adil Ahmad Dar's Village, It's Another Day, Another

Kashmir is on fire and the Indian government doesn’t seem to have realised just how much of an own-goal this incident has been.

India should be viewing Pakistan and Bangladesh as the West Bank & Gaza Strip of the Subcontinent. These Muslims Republics are a great place for India’s demographics to be absorbed and in retrospect 1971 was not the great victory for India.

India pretends to be Israel but Israel has a strict Jewish First policy whereas India is territorial focussed. Israelis don’t hunker for a land between the Sea & the Euphrates but stay within defensible borders and hold on to their cantonments.

India shouldn’t be fighting corrupt Pakistani generals and businessmen; it should be bribing them. If Pakistan tomorrow becomes 5 banana republics; the Punjab border would be overwhelmed with Muslim refugees.

Post 1971 India was left with:

An estimate made in the year 2000 placed the total number of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India at 1.5 crore, with around 3 lakh entering every year. 

I imagine the majority of these illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are not Hindu.

Like Israel, India will soon have to decide whether it wants to have a solidly Hindu future (with compliant Hindufied minorities) or a “Akhand Bharat.”

But deep down Indians, of all stripes (Hindutva included), cannot bear to part with Pakistan & Kashmir. There is an atavistic bond Hindus/Indians have to this mythical Mughal fantasy, that they just can’t quit Pakistan.

Any sensible Hindu leader would be advocating partition upon partition to isolate and quarantine these bantustan Pakistans. Isolated, weak, divided and led by a corrupt Muslim elite drunk on Indian money; these little Pakistans would have been wonderful pawns of India.

Instead India’s loss will be China’s gain; Israel doesn’t do such mistakes.

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  1. I ran this theory by my circles, on how to achieve mleccha-mukt Bharat:

    The overall idea was received well, but the map details created problems.

    Issue is that there is veneration of the sacred geography of Akhand Bharat (Indian subcontinent). Little example is the spread of Shakti’s 51 body parts from Baluchistan to Sri Lanka and Kashmir to Bangladesh.

    So understand that for us Hindus, we cannot walk away from loss of holy lands just like Muslims cannot walk away from Jerusalem.

    Yes materially speaking, it would be great to escape the mlecchas and go establish a prosperous habitat in Low Earth Orbit for 1 billion Dharmics. But then we won’t be Dharmics…

    It is indeed clash of civilizations.

  2. “I was shocked to see that the bomber was a native Kashmiri.”

    This shouldn’t be shocking. Kashmiri Muslims have been boiling over the armed crackdown in the last few years. Things are only going to get worse if India does not change its tact.

    1. Exactly. I pointed this out before. Kashmiris are becoming radicalized and alienated by the actions of the Indian state. Pakistan is only able to fan the flames of the conflict because of the internal issues. It doesn’t excuse Pakistan’s actions, but India does need to recognize that the problem in the Valley would exist even if Pakistan decided that it didn’t care about Kashmir any more.

  3. I feel for Arundhati, Pankaj Mishra has taken her place. I mean if this is not evidence for “Brahminical N-Indian male Hindu-Hindi aryan hegemonic” patriarchy against a defenseless “daughter of the soil-original inhabitant -Dravidian-minority ” lady, than i dont what is.

    1. She’s half Bengali half Syrian Christian. Hardly a poster child for ‘Dravidian’.

      1. I mean if that’s not the perfect fit for Dravidian who is? She is literally all “anti-establishment” rolled into one, already ethnically , religious-wise. Slaying the “Aryans” while listening to Robindra Sangit and eating steaks while reading up more on Periyar on how to crush the janeu (janus )-faced Brahman. I say everything just falls in place beautifully.

      2. Bengali Brahmin (Roy/Ray) on one side and Syrian X’ian on the other. Neither fit well with the daughter-of-the-soil theory.

        More importantly, doesn’t have to.

        1. “Neither fit well with the daughter-of-the-soil theory.”

          I would say this your misogyny showing up sir,please check your privilege

          1. Are you sure?

            I have known Bengali Roy friends who are Brahmins.

            Googling tells me Roy or Ray, like several other Bengali surnames , are given titles (not caste names) and frequently are Brahmins.

  4. Zack did you get chased out of Pakistan/persecuted for being kuffar? Even Pakistani Parsis and Christians I know are not as triggered as you are regarding the backward nation (though they all emigrated to run away from the Islamic state).

    1. Pakistani minorities are loyal citizens of the country just as Indian Muslims are loyal citizens of India. This idea that minorities are essentially fifth columns is very problematic.

  5. I really don’t understand this comparison of India and Israel. It doesn’t work on several levels. First of all, Israel (like Pakistan) was founded on a religious basis. It is the “Jewish homeland”. India is not a Hindu state but a secular republic. As such, it belongs to all its citizens. India’s argument for why it holds Kashmir is precisely this: that the TNT is false and there is no reason why the Indian Union cannot include a Muslim majority state. If you are advocating that India become a Hindu state, then you are validating TNT. In which case, the Kashmir Valley with its Muslim majority should become part of Pakistan. TNT in any case died when East Pakistan decided to separate from the West.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh are sovereign nations (not Occupied Territory like the West Bank and Gaza). Pakistan has nuclear weapons and a strong military. It is not comparable to Palestinians fighting the might of the Israeli state.

    Pakistan imploding would not be good for India. Where do you think all the Punjabi and Sindhi refugees would go? The vast majority of them are not Hindu and I can’t imagine India wants millions of additional Muslims.

    It’s best if everyone just learns to exist in their own borders. “Akhand Bharat” is a fantasy and that is why no rational person in India is interested in it. Pakistan and Bangladesh are not going anywhere. Pakistan should drop the proxy-war and focus on developing economically (this doesn’t mean we drop diplomatic support to Kashmiris). India should focus on its own issues. Issues with Pakistan will have to be worked out through negotiations, but in the meantime India can ignore Pakistan.

    Most of the world doesn’t like Israel because it constantly breaks International Law. India, in contrast, is well respected by most of the world as a state that behaves responsibly.

    1. “If you are advocating that India become a Hindu state, then you are validating TNT. In which case, the Kashmir Valley with its Muslim majority should become part of Pakistan.”

      Which he does. x2.

      Aware of the “circle” concept of political affiliations but this is like- he is so rightwing in India, he is also rightwing in Pakistan?

      1. He’s not right wing in Pakistan because he hates Islam. But Hindutvadis and Islamists have a lot in common with their devotion to exclusionary ideologies.

  6. Al queda, IS and other jihadists gets hundreds and thousands of suicide bombers from the streets of the West from the ranks of drug addicts, misfits, miserable, and not to speak of Muslim populations. No surprise they got someone locally. JeM may be using the suicide bomber as a recruitment poster among jihadists in Kashmir valley. After all Pakistan issued a stamp in honour of a thug who was killed by security forces in India.

    1. Burhan Wani was also a local Kashmiri boy who was radicalized by his experiences with Indian paramilitary forces. Don’t let your hate for Pakistan blind you to the internal aspects of the problem in the Valley.

  7. “Israel doesn’t do such mistakes.”
    Israel is doing exactly the opposite of what you advise in the West Bank. The settlements destroy the possibility of a two-state solution, and make the annexation of the West Bank – along with its millions of Palestinian Muslims – inevitable.
    Looking at Likudnik rhetoric, it seems like the hope/goal is to eventually ethnically cleanse most of those Palestinians. But that’s a far riskier plan than to simply hunker down in Israel proper, where Arabs are a relatively small minority that could never hope to demographically challenge Israeli Jews.

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