Browncast Episode 55: 17 years in the blogosphere

More innocent times

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Would appreciate more positive reviews!

On this episode, I talk to my old friend Aziz Poonawalla. Aziz and I have been in the “blogosphere” for 17 years, and we talk about its rise and fall, and our thoughts about the Twitter world. Aziz and I also differ on a lot of issues. He is a liberal observant Muslim (Bohra Ismaili), and I am a conservative atheist. So we end up the conversation talking about politics, and Aziz’s roots in the Dean campaign of 2003.

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Bryan Bell
Bryan Bell
4 years ago

I feel old. I’ve been reading you — Razib Khan — since graduating from UC Davis in 2006 (via Steve Sailer or John Derbyshire).

Xerxes the Magian
4 years ago
Reply to  Bryan Bell

Brown pundits is one of the last few blogs standing; I guess there has been an amalgamation ..

Brown Pundits