Why do nonmuslims treat muslims so badly (g)?

There are few examples of nonmuslim sectarian mistreatment of muslims more glaring than the way nonmuslims have abysmally betrayed LBGTQ muslims. Nonmuslim LBTGTQ are celebrated by Xi Jinping, Trump, Modi, Lebron James and many others. Any mistreatment of LBGTQ nonmuslims correctly dominates news coverage around the world and leads to massive global pressure. But when it comes to muslim LBGTQ, nonmuslims become suddenly silent.


The above video details the severe persecution of Palestinian LGBTQ. Palestinian LGBTQ have long been attacked by Palestinians, the muslim world and nonmuslim world.


Where are PM Modi, President Xi Jinping, President Trump, Lebron James, PM Bibi Netanyahu, PM designate Gantz? Do Englishman and Englishwoman feel guilt for the enormous suffering they have inflicted upon Palestinian LBGTQ during English empire and ever since the end of English empire? This blood debt could be repaid by giving English permanent residence status to every Palestinian LBGTQ who passes a background check to weed out violent criminals and members of organized crime.


Not that muslims are doing any better when it comes to Palestinian LBGTQ rights. Global muslim leaders Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, have you no tears and compassion for Palestinian LBGTQ? How will you be able to look up upon Allah after having betrayed Palestinian LBGTQ?


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6 Replies to “Why do nonmuslims treat muslims so badly (g)?”

  1. “How will you be able to look up upon Allah after having betrayed Palestinian LBGTQ?”

    Doubt Allah would care. Doesn’t he want them thrown off rooftops?

    But I agree, the Western liberal allegiance to Islamists hurts the women, LGBTQ, and religious minorities of those Islamist theocracies the most.

  2. I didn’t read the post. But i think it is about LGBT.
    Promoting LGBT politically and using the media is a very peaceful(and already successful) process of population control.

    I think that LGBT should be strategically imposed on genetically stupid and violent people and ethnic groups to reduce their population. If someone of that stupid ethnicity/nationality opposes imposition and promotion of LGBT,he should be labelled as “homophobic” or “bigot” etc and the media need to be used against such people.

    However, LGBT must not be imposed on genetically smart,good and advanced ethnicities/nationalities. Their population must not be reduced. Also,steps should be taken to increase their population. Because more smart and good people are needed for a better humanity and a better world.


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