11 thoughts on “Irfan Khan, 1967-2020”

  1. What a legend!!! from hindi medium to paan singh tomar to life of pi. This man was and will remain the most gifted talent of this generation.
    May your soul RIP.

  2. For a moment though looks like people are united. Sad part is that it took a death of a legend to unite us all.

  3. Yes, I feel he just started getting the recognition that he deserved.
    Did anyone see one of his movies – Qarib Qarib single. What did you think of the class clash in the movie or am I the only one who picked it up. I was discussing the same with another group 2 days ago.

  4. in doordarshan days, he had done a role in a play set for munshi premchand’s nirmala as her step son.

  5. I still think his best roles were as Ashok in The Namesake and Sajan in The Lunchbox. He really had a gift for portraying the “Indian Soul” in his work.

  6. I feel he would have been a rage on streaming services. He had the bad luck of falling b/w the cracks. His prime (90s-2000s) was consumed by struggling for work in the whole Johar-Chopra’s larger than life Bollywood.

    Now when alternate movies and tv shows have platforms and are viable he could have been even bigger star than what he was.

  7. There was something catchy about his voice that grabbed the attention. Irrfan and Nawazuddin are my favourite actors in the Hindi cinema on the basis of acting.

  8. A true artist. My favourite roles of his.

    *Ranvijay Singh in Haasil – ambitious, conniving, ruthless political climber.
    *Senapati Bhadrashal in Chanakya – brave but corrupt general of Magadh.
    *Lafcadia in The Warrior – brutal mercenary in search of redemption.

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