Browncast Episode 105: Mongolian Nazis, Antifascists, and the American Scene

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Today I talk to Tasmania-based writer Richard Alexander. We discuss the protests, riots, Antifascism, and Mongolian Nazis.

12 thoughts on “Browncast Episode 105: Mongolian Nazis, Antifascists, and the American Scene”

  1. Don’t have time right now but will listen later,
    What’s your opinion on the riots and the George Floyd case>
    For me its confirmed
    -Police brutality is real and there a def a lot of closet racists among them
    -They’re largely ineffective and the 2A needs to be protected given their incompetence
    -Protesters are largely peaceful but a lot of the peaceful ones sympathize with the looters
    -POC solidarity is a crock, Where’s the solidarity when blacks are attacking Hispanic, East Asian, Muslim and Indian businesses? Asians especially are on their own. Blacks (and whites) do not have their back.

    1. One problem with the American police system is that it is too fragmented. We have thousands of police departments with hundreds of police academies with no nationwide standards. The smaller a department is, the less oversight it gets. Though American local government in general doesn’t make any sense. So many small municipalities with ridiculous borders that rely in police as their revenue collection agency. I would say ideally there should be one statewide police department with a couple of other metropolitan police departments at most. One or two large academies that follow nationwide standards. In my opinion the larger a department is, the more it would be scrutinized by the public and media and the more oversight it gets.
      Even with all this, there would still be instances of police brutality. This is just a consequence of living in an armed country. A regular Japanese police officer doesn’t have to fear for his life but an American officer does.

    2. But yes POC solidarity is dumb. It leads to the everyone vs whites mentality which is dangerous for minorities in the long run. If every group can be proud, why not whites? Right now the whites still dominate this country, so the battle is really between white liberals and white conservatives. If the whites go below 50% or get to close, I bet a strong white movement will emerge. Equality for all is still a pretty new concept, it didn’t exist a few decades ago and it might not stand the test of time.

      1. Equality for all doesn’t exist. In the minds of white liberals clearly


  2. What happened at the end of the podcast ? you didn’t finished it completely

  3. I’ll get flack for this but w/e.

    But day by day I’m ashamed white people were able to colonize us. Especially given how weak most of them have proven to be.

    -They literally believe in cucking as a fetish
    -They get on their knees for BLM and apologize
    -they’re considering reparations for something they didn’t do
    -they blame each other for the looting when one can clearly see how “tanned” some of these looters are

    Can’t believe we were able to be colonized by these people.

    1. “Can’t believe we were able to be colonized by these people.”

      The problem is in your perception and not in their reduction in machismo. You talk like they “colonized” us in a fashion that Hitler occupied Poland or France. The story of colonization is far too different from what you perceive it to be. Although their strategy like divide and rule, better military organization made them mightier when confronting our strategy, Non-Violence is the highest virtue! The fact that Nepal and Thailand didn’t get colonized tells a lot more about how the English colonized when compared to the Spaniards. Although English couldn’t have had any success if they ever followed the brutal strategies of the Spaniards as Asia had larger populations and older civilization which made it impossible to eradicate the natives to start afresh.

  4. White people colonized us because the British empire was 10x better than the gross Persianate backward insanity that preceded it.
    Curzon never chopped off anyone’s hands after building a monument to his dead wife.

    1. You’re not completely wrong there. Although in this climate its probably not ok to say European colonization was probably preferable to being ruled by those Turko-Persian empires.

      1. Maybe in America. In India, I wouldn’t be surprised if there actually is a movement to mass dynamite all the Mogul monuments.
        People have civil rights: “I want a visual reminder of the time my people were on top of yours” is certainly not one of them

        1. What’s even worse is the destruction in the opposite manner. I will destroy these Buddhist statues because I’m offended by the reminder of the people and culture destroyed by us.

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