Browncast Episode 111: Rob Henderson, from redneck to turtleneck

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In this episode, I talk to Rob Henderson, a Ph.D. student in psychology at Cambridge, a graduate of Yale, and a former member of the United States military. Rob was born to a drug-addicted Korean mother. He does not know who his biological father is, and spent his early years in the working-class town of Red Bluff, bouncing around foster homes before he was finally adopted, albeit into a very unstable family situation.

After a stint in the military, Rob decided to pursue his intellectual interests and received admission into Yale. I got to know Rob first through his op-ed in The New York Times, Why Being a Foster Child Made Me a Conservative. Rob’s current plan is to continue being a writer and return to the United States.

I’m pretty pessimistic on the United States in many ways, but Rob’s life is a testament to what makes this country great, even today.

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Ali Choudhury
Ali Choudhury
3 years ago

I used to follow him on Twitter and got his email newsletter for a while. Stopped with both as much of his content was recycled, interspersed with frequent alerts that he would soon be banned from Twitter for his subsversive ideas.

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