Learn To Accuse.


Figuring things out.

Many Hindus, and nowadays many true liberals in the west fail to comprehend why reason is not valued. This probably has to do with the peculiarities of human brain that once something is framed as dangerous or sinister or dark or bring about the ill motivations of other , everything that they say after that will not stick or will be seen through this frame, what will stick though are the alluded motivations. I presume this method was first applied by the church and perhaps deployed against the pagans. To count sins of your past to dispirit and demoralize you and make you believe there is no light ,reason, redemption or goodness within you. To have any of that you need to convert to their belief.

What made them succeed is that most people are not smart, cannot see the divine or goodness within themselves, cannot see a way to redeem themselves in their own minds or in society. They will not read through a 500 pages book to discover the flaw in the argument. If the first 10 pages or few tidbits make sense, that’s enough.

Indian journalist manu joseph made an interesting observation in one of his articles, on why the woke exist?. It really is about the market place. Bad journalists who cant work hard or the average writers or singers, musicians etc dont have much value on basis of their talent. They cant compete in talent. However, if you go woke and accuse , you gain credit. And in anycase, you need to neutralize their accusations for your work to be respected. That cannot be done by just laying out the arguments, because there is no market for you. why should anyone listen to you when they get to propagate their views and accusations against you and infact teach your kids in schools and universities anyway?. If you remind them and accuse them to be neocolonial , neoconverts, sepoys, racist, bigoted against polytheists in their approach(to true liberals in west, the analogues of these), you get a chance to neutralize the momentum due to inertia of all that and then perhaps have a meaningful exchange .

Until you have a market , you will not be listened to, you have no functional value. We dont live in a polytheist world where truth is discovered by sages and valued by society. We live in a world dominated by evangelical religions where their truth has already been established, all that remains is to annihilate the others. You need to count their sins in front of all of them before you are listened to. Dont let the inner nerd within you cringe at doing that. This needs to be done. Most people are stupid most of the times, even if you are highly intelligent, you too are stupid about many things many of the times, you need to factor in your own stupidity ,insecurities and the stupidity and insecurities of the average joe . Mass stupidity and insecurities have destroyed civilizations.

The straight path is often not the fastest one as seen in this Brachiostochrone curve.


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  1. The woke and other reactionary movements have been tremendously aided by the technological revolutions of our time – again made possible by capitalism. The ideological space has been “democratised”- now even the mediocre can talk back to the elite (who perhaps are also mediocre).

    If we had none of these dislocations, we would still be reading a few newspapers and opining in private. The critical mass for an idea to take hold has just shot up from a few thousands in the cities to a few millions all over. And of course the direction has been reversed – now these ideas flow from the millions to the few.

    If you ask me, the last twenty years have levelled the playing field for non-congregational groups (religion and politics). They now have a huge leg-up over the ones that used to congregate and mobilise. In many ways, you can see this impact everywhere – elections no longer “pan out” according to the opinion of a few elite pollsters (both in India and the US), depredations of a few groups are circulated out for everyone to see and be informed.

    Everything points to an erosion of the status-quo and I welcome it. This century is going to be that of the plebs. This can mean different things for different countries.

    1. That’s what I mean, exactly. It costs money and effort to scale up organisation. Medium scales up effortlessly without any costs.

      Take Tesla, for instance. If they had appeared 20 years ago, they would have been killed off by ICE companies with their massive ad budgets and trad media using motivated campaigns. Today even though Tesla has no marketing budget (it’s true!), at least a million youtubers, bloggers and Twitter users have leveled the field. Even as GM, Toyota have tried to kill the electric car with sophistry- they got crushed by the average Joe’s online. Heck, Tesla doesn’t even have local dealerships.

      It’s the same story in all fields (UPI Vs MasterCard/Visa example). The achievements of “organised infrastructure” today is not worthy of its past. They are coasting uphill with no gas in the tank.

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