Bail, Ahimsa ,Civic Society : Ending Vindictiveness

How do we create a more civilized society is a question we in India should consider. The primary political problem in India is one of “vindictiveness” of the state ,politicians and ideologues. In furthering this, they launch cases against the accused. Due to low opportunity environment of the state , many in India get entangled by its laws. We should try to improve on society by trying to bring an end to vindictiveness of state through its powers.

The best way to do that is by giving Bail to the accused in most cases unless they pose danger or can influence the case . The less powers the state possesses to be vindictive against the individual, the better. Since India’s Independence, we have never valued the need to create a more civic society or raise the civic consciousness of citizens. Instead we have been led to believe in the bogeyman villain of other ideologies. These are intended to make people to seek feudal protection instead of seeking to better laws and find refuge in the civic consciousness of the citizens instead and through that find refuge in courts of law.

The aim , the end game of human progress is a conscious civic society that rises above any ideology attempting to hack citizens to further their own ends and protect the rights of citizens . The answer is not to point to hypocrisy of one side or another. The answer is not to explain the new twists and turns in a case. We have had enough data as it is, we dont need explanations of how a case has come about, we dont need to compare with x,y,z of how the people of same ideology are hounding others. The answer is to figure out solutions to better our civic society by giving each other more freedoms and restricting the vindictive powers of the state.

Indian media relishes more in ‘hate’ and ‘adoration’ than it does in raising the awareness of citizens to their rights. That with every arrest, every accusation, every new act of vindictiveness by any political organization, or ideology , their own individual rights are being trampled. That it could be them is the one point they chose not to point out. And why should they? even after 70 yrs of Indian Independence, the news media has never evolved to ever making this point , they stand to benefit more by being substandard by getting people to root or boo one side or the other, by being closer to one political party or the other.

The ideas of enlightenment were never properly translated to Indian electorate by its elites. The purpose of having a vote is to have a means for an individual to curtail the tyrannical nature of the state. It is to reduce himsa, one step at a time.

And since it is BJP that is in power, they can help us in that direction by offering us that .

5 thoughts on “Bail, Ahimsa ,Civic Society : Ending Vindictiveness”

  1. For understanding the reasons for Indian state’s centralized nature i suggest people to check the following books –

    India’s Founding Moment: The Constitution of a Most Surprising Democracy

    Sixteen Stormy Days

    Also if you have time check these discussions about them –

    Indian state has simply replaced colonial officers with Brown people but attitude & system still rests on colonial understandings of Indian society and the repressive nature of the state continues although cloaked behind Social Justice & Socialism.

  2. I second the book recommendation above.

    Seems to me to make the society more civil, repealing laws that make certain speech illegal is the high bar. Why settle for such low bar as “providing bail” and “not engaging in point hypocrisy of others.”

  3. I should say, thanks to PHYECON1 for posting the link to the law commission’s report on bail provisions – I’ll read it!

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