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The price-point for paid subscription to my new newsletter is too high for most Indians (well, Americans perhaps?). So I am not asking for paid sign-ups as much as encouraging people to do a free sign-up. The reason is two-fold.

First, I’m going to put out a reasonable amount of free content. You can see that this week where I put out 5 posts.

Second, I want more sign-ups from India, because one of the areas I plan on covering in my Substack into the 2020’s is the America-India relationship and India’s future prospects. I’m personally interested, and honestly, I think there are some business opportunities I want to explore. So I would appreciate sign-ups as I want to build up that relationship.

(if you don’t know what Substack is, here’s an article)

4 thoughts on “Sign-up for my Substack!”

  1. “I think there are some business opportunities I want to explore.”

    Related to genetic testing? I imagine screening for genetic diseases could be big business. Similar to how things are with Ashkenazi Jews. Also the extreme population structure makes knowing your actual genome much more relevant than in more pan-mixed populations.

  2. Does Substack support differential pricing based on the customer’s country of residence? If not, you could make a suggestion for such through official channels (and perhaps ask some of your big Substacker acquaintances to do the same).

    It’s the norm for online video game stores, where standard Western prices would lock out most of the world. The bank account/billing address attached to the customer’s credit card is enough to prevent location-spoofing for lower prices.

  3. thanks franx. that’s a good idea.

    i do comp college students often. i’m doing OK, not trying to get blood from a stone.

    re: privacy. protonmail? idk

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