The great drama of battle between light and darkness

This is an opinion piece, you have been warned. Wokeism and the saviorology perhaps have its origins from zoroastrianism. Of battling the forces of darkness by the forces of light. So any disagreement is not seen as mere disagreement, but a sign of evil baring its fangs, a sign of corruption, a sign of being a puppet ,sellout etc. And in todays world of social media, the need for virtue signaling, need for social credit above what one can achieve through one’s own talents or achievements are alluring to many. As I joked,
“what is the price of milk?”
ans: ‘fighting fascism’
“what do you know about the issues?”
ans: ‘fighting fascism’
” what is your name?”
ans: fighting for human rights.
” did you watch baywatch?”
ans: ‘fighting sexism’

Everything is about fighting fascism, fighting the good fight against the great evil other who is only an hour away from committing genocide seems to be their case. And it is a good racket, because one can fight fascism now, fascism tomorrow and fascism forever for creeping fascism is always there, ready to expand. And the way to answer is not merely by arguments. Not merely by knowledge amassed on history, politics, business or science. But by actions, to help people, creating a literature to sensitize people and humor . And by lending a sympathetic ear, there is a good tradition of oratory in black community, one can see this in cornel west.

People will paint you as the bad guy, that is their model they are selling to their followers, their audience. Way to bust that model is to reach out, help, lend a sympathetic ear where possible, look for allies with same values, they exist. The monopoly of speaking out for various causes right now is largely in hands of left. This has to be competed . Its not the jerk in front of you that you need to convince. It is the audience they cater to, the audience that they feed the images of you being an ogre. In a world where many have been educated in the art of stringing words together, but dont have the talent to build anything else, there is competition for leading and stirring up movements for social credit. Everyone has an opinion and can share it online to thousands.

One cant just be a priest and utter the sacred verses and claim that is enough or give the correct view of history. One must beat trust deficit models as such by creating trust capital , among various audiences. And get people to move away from painting the other as incorrigibly evil . And also rightly accuse others where they double down or refuse to accept truth, turn their own weapons against them. Always try to steelman others arguments, because that is what goes missing most of the time. And if one scales this, it would have a wider audience than others that divide people up. But as swami vivekananda put it. “An ounce of practice is worth a thousand words”.

To Hindus in usa, reach out to jews, reach out to blacks, native Indians, members of other communities, speak, sensitize, lend a hand or a sympathetic ear where possible. Rss, bjp members outside India can also do the same, reach, help. Lies are broken by actions, not mere words. People can twist your words, it is harder to twist your good deeds where there is no intent of conversion or anything else. You have the power to make friends. And that is a great power . And so is humor, one must ask, “How many fascists did you find and slay today?”.

Hindus should also consider dialectical advaita/buddhism.
Again, do not reinforce their self imagery of being “liberal or left”, of them fighting evil, instead challenge their self imagery with probing questions and your behavior. cognitive dissonance should be our aim. The idea that everyone else are brainwashed and programmed except them is something to challenge. Ask them, when were they wrong?. Where does their models fail, If they were never wrong, then it is the best evidence of them being brainwashed.

Either you question and probe their identity or you fall for their essentialist identity trap they designed for you by getting you to become enraged. Freedom is in pushing back through first option, otherwise you too become dogmatic and shut yourself in completely. Remember that Identity looks for reasons , reasons dont make identities. The democrats focused on racial identity, republicans on religious identity.

Again, do not reinforce their self imagery of being “liberal or left”, instead challenge their self imagery with probing questions. When we do not turn Our Philosophy into dialectic methods of probing questions of identity, we fall for the trap they designed for us. To put us into a box they created for us to fall into. To contain and constrain one’s self expression and pursuit for truth.

Terms you use are extraordinarily important. Words you use have an effect, what is the effect you intend, just spout facts or challenge the identity of your opponent?. Question their self image of themselves and their belief, break their illusions. All else is wasteful. Our job is to seed doubts in their constructed identity . With every word, every sentence, we need to probe them again and again. And create a better literature to both study sociology and try to help create a better way by reducing animosity. We should try to understand the world through our ideas of nyaya/vedanta/buddhism. What is the buddhist view of Human history is an important question to consider. It can expand our imagination and perspective, they too are good tools to probe the current issues and move away from antagonism.

A very good article.

Remember, they are here to paint you as an ogre. You only need to reach out, help in your own way and speak truth and build your trust capital to break their lies.

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  1. Very nice and keen observation. I started engaging with the larger culture and politics only in the past 4 years and it has abundantly become clear to me that the sole power of the left is in convincing that they are the new messiah. The left (broadly speaking) has framed every question in the world in terms of class and power struggle and championed itself on the side of the downtrodden. I abhor this world view. Ironically, when Hindus attack the left and accuse that every action of the left is to obtain power by injecting the mythical class struggle in every aspect of life, they themselves are validating the leftist viewpoint. Very well put that we should ignore the arguments against the left and defeat it by performing the actions that take the power away from the left. Does it cause a reshaping of some sections of the Hindu thought, so be it. I will happily live with the mutated hinduism than the tyranny of the left any day.

  2. Secular Liberalism has its roots in Christianity. This idea of a “saving people from themselves” is a very distinctly Christian Idea. Nietzsche said it best when he proclaimed the death of God, what Christians&Progressives preach is essentially Slave/Herd Morality. Dharma is incompatible with such a primitive system. Dharma is a Personal Duty, not a Commandment from above. The manufactured “guilt” for Sins of the Father(be it Male or White Privilege) is also intrinsic to the Woke ideology, this is the same as the Christian Guilt for the Original Sin. According to Christianity, Humans are born into Sin, you are to be always ashamed as you are tainted being.

    In Hinduism, Gods are not above Dharma. In Christianity, God IS Morality. Hindus call Krishna as “Ran Chor” for abandoning his Kshatriya Dharma. Christians on the other hand, will call God murdering babies of Egypt as “Moral”. This my friends, is Slave Morality. Its not about what you think is right or wrong or what’s objectively right or wrong, its about what’s been accepted as moral by the herd. Hindus respect Megnath and use Vibishan as an insult because he betrayed his brother instead of stopping his brother himself, such nuanced approaches to Morality will never be found in any Biblical way of thinking.

    “With every word, every sentence, we need to probe them again and again”

    Why should we care this much about a bunch of deracinated people who have no relevance outside their little cosmopolitan bubble? Frankly, i’m much more interested in engaging with the vernacular masses, it just sucks that India has done such a shit job of digitizing its vernacular languages.

    1. In Christianity, God IS Morality.

      this is a complex issue. some christians would agree with you. many would not.

      a lot of the comments on christianity on this weblog are as well-informed as american comments on hinduism. max-retardation

    2. Enigma,
      Good points. Where I’d disagree is on your point about not needing to engage the opposition (leftists, wokes, western liberals etc). They need to be engaged and countered, and it is totally doable. BJP/Modi government run the worst PR/Comms operation of any major government (past and present) that I can think of. Their defensive, “under the siege” mentality worked for Modi from Gujarat to Delhi, but world affairs are not the same. And even Modi’s success was contingent on a number of factors. They need to shape up and communicate better – their policies on the whole have been excellent (demo was an exception) but they are let down by their arrogance, lack of tact and communication skills/strategy.

    3. we must study the world, not be insular which was our first great mistake for our predicament. we should study our own colonization of minds, we must also offer what we have to the world otherwise why even preserve it. We should adapt our ideas to build better psychology( this is happening but without being given credit or with out us in the loop). We should create better ideas to understand sociology and politics that can be in consilience with science, I believe as polytheists, we should show that this is possible, this is good for everyone’s collective future. we can have frameworks to study human history through nyaya/vaisheshika/ buddhism/jainism/vedanta.
      I would argue that trying to create a literature on history from a buddhist perspective in itself can add new perspective, new tools to understand our collective human condition. Also, there is what i consider as history of historians vs history from point of view of physics. From a historic perspective, it is whites who did terrible things to others. And many who recall history fall for the fact of being white as in itself a category of somehow being bad reinforced by actual racists in present world. But from a physics point of view, we could imagine the world starting in many different ways, in some of them, it perhaps would have been blacks who would have conquered others for example. The hypothetical can inform us to ask, what is it that is invariant among these changes that is moral and what is it that makes these immoral.

  3. It would be pretty extensive writing and would require the world class thinker to do this. I cannot see anyone capable of this right now, but I have no doubt that one day it will be done. I could provide some patchy elements when I get some free time. If we follow the upstream timelines of both, Christianity and Hinduism, we may at some point in time reach their intersection. When and where, that is the question. Maybe, this could be another research challenge for pundits (after they finish Rg puzzle) which could perform major preliminary ground work.

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