8 Replies to “The Uber Eats” murder”

  1. What’s the law for juvenile crimes in the US? In India, these teens would left off after a 4 year stint in a reform home. The 4 years is not incarceration but a typical residential school with reskilling and adjustment.

    1. @Ugra: In most states, juveniles may be charged and sentenced as adults for particularly heinous offenses. But, in 2012, the United States Supreme Court ruled (Miller v. Alabama) that mandatory life-without-parole sentences are unconstitutional when the perpetrator was less than 18 when he committed the crime.

      Beyond that, different States have different rules. This crime was committed in Washington D.C. where the law is that juveniles may be sentenced to long prison terms as punishment for serious crimes or multiple charges, but a prisoner who has served at least 20 years for a crime committed as a juvenile may be paroled.


  2. I contributed – it could have been any of our uncles or fathers.

    What shocked me was the girl looking for her phone at the end while the poor guy is dying and no one is helping.

  3. Did this kind of thing happen a lot in the 1980s? I’ve read about the “dotbusters” of New Jersey but thought they were into property damage (like trashing convenience stores run by desis) rather than murder.

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