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  1. Heard the news of Prince Philip’s passing yesterday. Genetic history of European royal families on substack/clubhouse possible?

  2. “What’s going on?”
    I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed, just to get it all out, what’s in my head.

  3. https://twitter.com/PChidambaram_IN/status/1378905174194851840

    “I strongly condemn the statement of a BJP leader and a Member of Parliament that the BJP has come here to eradicate ‘Periyarism’ (Periyar policy) in Tamil Nadu.

    Father Periyar was the one who fought and won against the poisonous policy of ‘Sanatana Dharma'”

    India’s ex finance and defense minister ☝️

    Good represntative of less Hindu regions.

    1. The person who coined the term retorts


      “Subaltern Hindutva isn’t a saffron version of Ambedkarite discourse which constitutes upper castes as the Other. Rather, it’s the positive interplay of subaltern with Hindutva and upper castes as ally, Muslims as the Other while centring subaltern outlook. And its not cooption.

      Since the term became fashionable, many started using/misusing it. For journalist it’s understandable, but for people in academia, this is unethical. A guy in fact tried to appropriate the concept. To put in perspective, Subaltern Hindutva is more transactional, less ideological”

      1. > Subaltern Hindutva

        Why do people invent new terms? Isn’t this what “Sankritisation” is?

        1. Is it though? Sanksritization means mimicing the UCs to shed the tag of being untouchable/lower caste. Its clear that the subalterns in this case are not doing that. They are neither defensive on their caste, nor on their subalterness. So seems different.

  4. Was chatting to a SL Tamil origin buddy of mine about Kamala Harris he was like “kamala” is a Tamil name means “Lotus”.

    I informed him “Kamala” is Sanskrit and means the same thing in North Indian languages.

    He was kinda annoyed after that. I actually support Tamil preservation and am pro-Dravidian but I mean chill with trying to disown Sanskrit.

    If anything I think Hindi is in someways more Persian/ Urdu influenced and and less Sanskrit than Tamil except for very “shudh Hindi” which no one really speaks.


    1. “He was kinda annoyed after that. I actually support Tamil preservation and am pro-Dravidian but I mean chill with trying to disown Sanskrit.”

      I am actually surprised that Hinduism survived so long in Dravidian lands, considering their aversion to all North Indian stuff.

      1. “…I am actually surprised that Hinduism survived so long in Dravidian lands…”

        I am more and more convinced that you grew up in a BIMARU state and attended a “English Convent or College” to attain pretensions of intellectualism among your fellow brethren. On the way you found out that Hindus from other states are more culturally rooted/did not become Mughal cuckolds and suddenly you developed a coping mechanism. Whatever helps you Saurav! 🙂

      2. LOL only if this aggression be seen in their homeland compatriots (rather than in NRI blogposts) , things would be in a better place….

    2. Possible a lot of Tamil is from Pali.
      South India was a big Buddhist center around early AD.

      Same with Sinhala, much derived from Pali.

      I think the antipathy of SL Tamil to Sanskrit is probably because may have realized commonality with Sinhala.

      I keep getting surprised with the words Sinhala and Tamil have in common.

      Even names,
      eg Kannangara is considered pure Sinhala surname. There is a town in Kerala name Kannankara.

    3. Was your friend a Brahmin? There are lot of Brahmin immigrants who’s time in Tamil Nadu is a launching pad for their exit to the USA. They do NOT believe that Tamil Nadu evolved independently of Sanskrit.

  5. https://twitter.com/vivekraju93/status/1380037602930212865

    I have brother and sister in laws who are Tulu, Marathi (2), Kashmiri, Gujarati, Rajasthani Gehlot and UP Brahmin. All of these marriages are more than a decade old, some happened in the late 90s. In not a single case was there a hint of protest from my parents or uncles/aunts. Surprised to see Andhra-Punjabi marriages are being opposed in the 2020s, I am beginning to realize now what a big exception my family was. I thought cross-state Hindu marriages in India were completely normalized by the 2000s.

  6. https://www.arabnews.pk/node/1768021/pakistan

    Pakistani and Italian archaeologists unearth Hindu temple dating back 1,100 years

    “The temple was discovered almost ten days back, which is believed to have been built by the Hindu Shahi or Hindu dynasty (850-1026 CE) during their rule in Gandhara and Kabul Valley,” Dr. Abdul Samad, director for archaeology and museums in the province, told Arab News. “It is believed the temple is of Lord Vishnu,” he added, referring to one of the principal deities of Hinduism.

  7. Why mosques in rear view mirror, like Kashi’s Gyanvapi, can crash India’s drive into future
    Court’s order to ASI to survey Gyanvapi Mosque for remains of old Kashi Vishwanath Temple questions the optimism that Ayodhya wouldn’t be repeated.

    One, how did this spark suddenly light up? There was a suit filed over Mathura as well recently. So, are these actions taken in concert with a common intention? If so, does it have the blessings of the people at the top of the VHP-RSS and BJP? And, finally, if that is indeed the case, and if their intention is not to respect the essential spirit of the Supreme Court judgment, will they stop even if a higher court throws out this order?

    There is nothing to stop it from following the course of the Ayodhya movement. And now that it’s been choreographed already, the next one might not take two centuries. In this case, majority can rule, and so what if it causes bloodshed and disruption for another decade or more? What price is too much to pay for “righting the wrongs of history”? This, a resumption of 16th and 17th century wars in 21st century India will be an invitation to disaster. It will hold the future of our coming generations to ransom.

    1. It seems when Advani was asked why the push for Ayodhya- his answer was that it is a test. It is the most difficult claim- if they get Ayodhya, they can get other Temples easily as in sites like Kashi/Mathura- the remains of the old temples can be seen easily. Ayodhya was the tough one.

      Yes- I think the claims will increase especially when it is the stated intent of the BJP ecosystem. The most judicious thing would have been to return these sites voluntarily and that would have earned a lot of goodwill. Why do you anticipate bloodshed? I think it should be quite smooth- No-one can deny the claim in their right minds after seeing the sites.

  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/Swaminomics/yes-glaciers-are-melting-but-no-need-for-panic/

    Yes, glaciers are melting but no need for panic

    “Raina says glacial melt contributes barely 2% to the flow of the Ganga at Allahabad: rain is the overwhelming source of flow. Corollary: even when all the glaciers melt centuries hence, the river and agriculture will be impacted very modestly.”

    I personally think that groundwater depletion is a bigger problem than glaciers

  9. Will the DDG-53 FNOP get Delhi thinking again?

    But for the US to treat India as potential strategic impediment in the same class as China, is something else altogether. It undercuts Modi’s entire foreign policy centering on the US that has been vigorously pushed by the external affairs minister S Jaishankar, who as Foreign Secretary shephered the four foundational accords and earlier in his career as an MEA babu negotiated the completely unequal 2005 nuclear civilian nuclear cooperation deal that, by barring future testing, froze Indian nuclear weapons technology at the low yield fission level.

    The operative part of these developments is this: The next time IMAC begins tracking US Navy ships and finds one heading towards Indian waters, Indian Naval ships will have to be ready to impose the UNCLOS rule of law to keep them out. The crunch will come when that US ship simply disregards Indian naval warnings, then what? What exactly will the Indian ships do in response — fire a missile across the bow of the American ship as a warning? What if the US ship counters by firing a salvo to miss the Indian naval ship(s), will the Indian ship(s) be ordered to escalate proceedings? Should the Modi regime and Indian Navy not be ready and prepared for such contingency?

    If, on the other hand, the Indian government and Navy again do nothing, or plan on doing nothing, how can they respond differently if a Chinese warship does exactly the same thing? Meaning, the US ships are setting a precedent for other navies to violate Indian territorial seas at will. Already, India and Indian government have been shown up — nothing new here! — as weak, willing to take guff from anybody, because they are too spineless, too unwilling to court risk, to up the ante. To restate an old saw — with friends like the US, who needs enemies?


  10. difficult to understand why kejriwal and yogi are on an advertisement spree on national tv channels?

    1. Bharat Karnad has taken apart the arguments of American shills like Manoj Joshi.

      “And two, the US disrespects Indian claims off Lakshdweep extending some 220 kms out to sea as India’s Exclusive Economic Zone per UNCLOS that the US wants nothing to do with even as its its representatives Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Biden’s NSA Jake Sullivan crow about all countries needing to heed a “rule based order”! What’s that again?! So the US means to follow only those rules that serve its purposes, in which respect how is it different from China?”

    1. @Narasingha

      In 2000’s when Plasma lost to LCD Japanese Sharp, Sony, Panasonic were propped up by Japanese government subsidies that never really paid off.

      I hope that (a) Vedanta doesn’t get any more money to squander from Indian lenders and (b) They are not trying some ToT route and just being a normal supplier to LG.

      LG can see 10 years into the future of display technology but a mining company like Vedanta cannot.



  11. Discussed on BP before, why does it seem that neoliberals and leftists don’t see hindus as a protected minority in the manner of muslims? My take at the moment is that it has nearly nothing to do with doctrinal compatibility or inherent characteristics of the religions in question. Its just that India, like Russia and China, has the ability to insulate itself from US/NATO pressure. Its effectively outside the framework as they wish it to operate, due to its size and lack of accessible internal levers. Culture is downstream of politics in this instance and the entire advisory class of think-tanks, consultants, and academics see a quasi-anglophone country that doesn’t value their agenda. Add to this that hindutva is a type of nationalism itself, and that india is the essentially the custodian of the religion, its easy to subsume your attitude towards a group within your strategic view of a nation. Finally, woke hindu-amercians realize that its probably easier to navigate the US political hierarchy than the Indian one, they are being pragmatists or opportunists depending on how you’d color it. The US establishment wouldn’t mind an influential opposition to the Indian state like miami cubans and others. Anyway the TL; DR here is narcissist neoliberals need people who need them.

      1. Karnad is a joker. He thinks India should behave like US with the resources of Somalia.

        He is like those people, who feel Modi is cuckold, and soft on muslims.LOL

    1. in my opinion father’s caste defines the offsprings caste. is this the general understanding?

      1. Caste system is of course abhorrent feudalism but the ranking tends to go as follows for mixed caste marriage offspring caste position
        1. UC W UC M
        2. LC W UC M
        3. UC W LC M
        4. LC W LC M

        The distances between each step are not the same. 1 and 2 form a grouping and 3 and 4 form a grouping. You can say 10 units apart in these groupings. And 20 units apart between 2 and 3.

    1. Dont worry.

      U are dealing with N-Indians here, we know how to deal with this Mandir-Masjid stuff, u see we have some expereince in it, unlike ‘culturally and deeply felt’ Hindus of other regions. 😛

  12. https://twitter.com/MrSamratX/status/1381615625471029256

    “I have always believed that despite political differences we are all part of the same country and society. But it is now obvious to me that we are not part of the same moral universe. Therefore, our being part of the same society or country becomes secondary”

    Bhadraloks having Dravidian thoughts. As i said earlier, less Hindu region = less Indian region

    1. Sinha is several standard deviations above in quality over Modi and Shah. But he was never a party man. He joined the party late and in many ways he is a moderate nationalist. He fit better with Vajpayee.

      1. “Sinha is several standard deviations above in quality over Modi and Shah”

        Is Sinha a cuck like Modi, or not?

        Would he have ” instituted a national programme to do mass conversions”?

  13. https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/gyanvapi-mosque-dispute-kashi-vishwanath-temple-asi-7270802/lite/?__twitter_impression=true

    ” In the case of the Gyanvapi Mosque, there is no real dispute. It is widely accepted that parts of the Vishwanath temple were destroyed and its walls may have been raised on the plinth of the temple. One also does not have to deny that many Hindus experienced and have a consciousness of Aurungzeb’s reign as being characterised by religious bigotry. Historians can debate the context and the motives of Aurangzeb’s actions, and the complexity of his rule. But minimising the significance of his actions has always been a little historically incredible and politically disingenuous. If we rest the case for secularism in contemporary India on establishing Aurangzeb’s liberal credentials, then secularism will indeed be on rickety foundations. It will also legitimise Hindutva resting its case on Aurangzeb’s credentials. Secularism will be deepened if it lets history be history, not make history the foundations of a secular ethic.

    In the past, the destruction of religious shrines may have been the function of state power. But modern India cannot repeat the same logic. We cannot say that because political power has changed hands, so must the power to define the religious landscape. The demand that Kashi or Mathura be returned is exactly that. It is a raw assertion of majoritarian power. Now that power has passed to the majority, it must claim back or avenge wrongs committed five centuries ago. There is also a deeper logic. The purpose of reclaiming these shrines is not religiosity. Bhakti for Kashi Vishwanath has not been impinged or diminished by the existence of the Gyanvapi Mosque. The purpose of claiming it back is to claim that Hindus have power qua Hindus and they can now show Muslims their place. The purpose is not to craft a connection with Shiva or Krishna, the purpose is to permanently indict minorities. It is to use a sacred place of worship as a weaponised tool against another community.”

  14. https://www.hindustantimes.com/analysis/west-bengal-2021-where-the-national-hegemon-is-a-local-rebel-101618295020691.html

    ” Enter Narendra Modi: The man who can do no wrong

    That the BJP keeps trying to, and with great success, insulate Modi’s image from policy failure or the economy’s poor performance is a well known factor. What is surprising is the fact that the acceptability of this campaign, especially among the poorest, does not seem to fade. In fact, the appeal becomes stronger as one moves from cities to villages where income opportunities are scarce and poverty higher. That large parts of West Bengal are among the poorest regions in the country only increases the attractiveness of the central government welfare schemes which might appear paltry if income levels were higher.

    While the BJP is seen as the dominant party in rest of the country, in West Bengal it is still as a bunch of rebels who have dared to take on the local strongmen of the TMC. The glue which binds its nascent organisation on the ground is not effective organisers or leaders, but the belief that the BJP is the most effective weapon in the fight against the TMC.”

  15. https://twitter.com/suhasinih/status/1381481218546434052

    “”New Delhi must seek answers from Washington about how their newly intensified Quad partnership, especially their stated objective to cooperate on a “free and open Indo-Pacific”, can co-exist with the open challenge U.S. Navy has posed”:

    The Indian wing of Chinese communist party is worried , India is getting too close to USA

  16. China’s right. The long, grim death toll from America’s 201 military conflicts since 1945 reveals the world’s real bad guy

    Once the Soviet Union fell in 1991 and the international system became ‘unipolar’, dominated completely by Washington, the politics of ‘humanitarian interventions’ became mainstream, whereby righteous Western countries ‘intervene’ in other nations to topple another government on behalf of the ‘human rights’ of their own population. There are a few notable examples of this, including Afghanistan, Iraq (multiple times), Libya, and Syria.

    This is what China’s report strikes at. Although the US has intervened in many countries claiming to promote human rights, the outcome has often been the wholesale destruction or destabilization of these countries. The above Middle East examples stand out most prominently, because US or Western intervention in each case has in fact made the situation worse. The Taliban are still prominent in Afghanistan. The toppling of Saddam Hussein unleashed political instability through the rise of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, which killed many. The removal of Muammar Gaddafi produced a catastrophic civil war in Libya. And the people of Syria have faced prolonged conflict and sanctions in the bid to topple Bashar Assad.

    It doesn’t end there. The US has actively supported Saudi Arabia and its allies in an indiscriminate carpet bombing of Yemen, which has killed thousands of civilians and spread disease and starvation. As the world has become more multipolar recently and outright interventions become more difficult, America has upped the use of crippling economic sanctions to try to besiege hostile countries into submission, including Venezuela, Iran and North Korea, all in the name of so called “human rights” or other geopolitical grievances.


  17. Today is Ambedkar Jayanti

    ” I was glad that India was separated from Pakistan. I was the philosopher, so to say, of Pakistan. I advocated partition because I felt that it was only by partition that Hindus would not only be independent but free. If India and Pakistan had remained united in one State Hindus though independent would have been at the mercy of the Muslims. A merely independent India would not have been a free India from the point of view of the Hindus. It would have been a Government of one country by two nations and of these two the Muslims without question would have been the ruling race notwithstanding Hindu Mahasabha and Jana Sangh. When the partition took place I felt that God was willing to lift his curse and let India be one, great and prosperous..”

    Thoughts on Linguistic States, by Bhimrao Ambedkar

    1. @Razib

      Good piece. There is this recent conversation between two “Macaulay Men”, Sanjaya Baru and Karan Thapar, who are wailing in memory of the Nehruvian Paradise lost. It went viral on Indian Twitter and these two guys are literally living out that stereotype.


      “…When you go to a…very fancy restaurant and you see these young people…don’t know what to do with a fork or a spoon…but they are very, very confident of their presence there…in my generation people with that kind of a background, they would feel very uncomfortable…today there’s a tremendous self-confidence in this class. They actually still don’t know how to use a fork and spoon and they don’t care.

      Sandeep Balakrishna put out a full article on the “sob of the St. Stephenś Sultanate” where in these two old men complain about the lack of importance given to English-speaking elites by the Modi administration.

  18. What’s going on?

    A mass medical experiment is going on in India, to test whether the holy Ganga Jal can prevent people from contracting a coronavirus infection.

    1. i would say experiment (supplement to BML, WB Elections, Pak protests) is going on to see the scale of covid spread in outdoor settings 😛

      1. The hell is going on in Pakistan?
        I have been off social media. Googling gives me hyperbolic results like ‘Pakistan on the verge of civil war’ and stuff.

  19. @Prats: “What’s going on in Pakistan?”.

    Coupta over at The Print had a good piece about the shenanigans with TLP, their hardline islamist party. Basically, he heavily insinuated that their leader was whacked by the army and now his son has taken charge. In the last few days, he was openly arrested in broad daylight and now his followers are causing a havoc. But TLP, while not a marginal force, is still not dominant. They have a surplus of incel men who are willing to riot at the drop of a hat, so it seems more serious than it is.

    @Narasingha Deva

    I keep hearing about the feared “Hindu Rashtra” yet it seems the abrahamics are still winning the long game. Modi, if he wasn’t cucked and terrified of the US reaction, should have instituted a national programme to do mass conversions years ago. Sadly, it will probably have to be Yogi or some other successor.

    1. @principia
      A government program is not needed, if just the temples are freed from government control it will be easy to fund such a campaign. I think the money that will be needed for this is a lot lower than people think it is. A few years back some villages that had converted to christianity near my hometown in Odisha were brought back to hinduism just by taking a Jagannath rath to those villages and offering them prashad. The missionaries would’ve spent a lot of money to convert them but reconversion is easier than conversion.

  20. Razib and bunch of BP folks had a clubhouse discussion on “The West Lost India’s Culture Wars”.


    Buch of Woke-sters joined in, so..


    Though nothing novel from the joker , this tweet stood out for me


    “”Even if Modi is trying to bring about akhaand barat (yes spoken with a very heavy US accent) then these people (the left?) don’t get its importance”

    OK. Geography class added to the Indian leftists meeting tonight.”

    Was thinking of a S-Indian mocking an US desi on his Hindi pronounciation…the irony!

  21. Shit seems to have hit the fan with this new Indian variant now. Every other person I talk to is in self-isolation.

    There are folks in my housing society who’re getting covid for a second time and it’s not really any milder this time round. I also know of folks who’ve tested negative on RT-PCR but are still sick and the true extent of damage is only revealed in CT Scans.

    The next two weeks are going to be really bad. Need to weather this. Best of luck to all of you and your families in India.

  22. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/15/world/asia/pakistan-afghanistan-withdrawal.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimesworld

    Biden’s Afghan Pullout Is a Victory for Pakistan. But at What Cost?

    “When history is written,” declared Gen. Hamid Gul, who led the feared spy service known as the I.S.I. during the last stretch of the Cold War in the 1980s, “it will be stated that the I.S.I. defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan with the help of America.”

    “Then there will be another sentence,” General Gul added after a brief pause, delivering his punchline to loud applause. “The I.S.I., with the help of America, defeated America.”

    1. Bhai, pandrah saal hogaye mujhe aisi bakwwas sunte hue. Hamid Gul jaise Pakistani chutiye bematlab mein phudakte hain. Saale atankwaadi. Abhi paanch saal mein jab jalegi, tab rona karenge ki Amerika left us in a mess, used us …, humko paisa doo… allah ke naam pe paisa do… tum sab guilty ho…

      Badbole Bhikhari, kaam ke na dhaam ke, dushman anaj ke. Jahan kahin, Pakistani jis bhi desh mein jaate hain, be it UK, Sweden, Denmark,… gandh hi phailate hain.

      Dus saal se toh main hi dekh raha hun ki pure desh mein koi badi industry nai laga paye, at best a country of real-estate dalals. ZERO achievements but pretensions of being some super duper genius.

      1. But Hamid Gul was still right:

        A rag tag militia supported by ”failed” (bhikari) state kicked out another ‘superpowa’ from it’s backyard.

        Come end of 2021, the puppet Afghan leaders that came via American jets will leave via American jets (or by helicopter like in Operation Frequent Wind)

        1. I agree. Though not sure the current Afghan leaders will leave. Unlike the 90s , this time around they are far more grounded, and know what type of danger Taliban presents. They might be bickering, but if Taliban really comes close to total power, they can coalesce unlike last time when Taliban could seperately finish them off.

          On Pakistan kicking out America, i am not sure it would be good for Pakistan overall. With no Afghanistan, Pakistan loses its biggest trump card, and leverage with US. Having a superpower in backyard , would have helped Pakistan hedge against China somewhat. Any anyhow, the way things are moving, US might just come back to Pakistan backyard again, just to a different (arch-rival) country 😉

          1. Its just a matter of time, they won’t have the supply lines, nor any working equipment once the Americans leave along with their contractors. ANA will have mass defections and the only real military power in the country left will be the Taliban, they won’t negotiate with the current American backed Afghan leadership. The Taliban are also pragmatic this time by building a relationship with Iran, which would otherwise have tried to use the Shia Hazaras against them as a fighting force. The only real party poopers for both Iran and Pakistan would be Daesh and Al Qaeda setting up shop and gaining ground in Afghanistan, but at this point this threat is little and I am sure ISI is monitoring them.

            Personally I don’t think US would dispense with Pakistan even if they leave Afghanistan. US generally is withdrawing from the Middleast and AFPAK region once it became energy independent after the shale oil boom few years back, to concentrate on the Asian Pacific, trying to contain China’s rise. Their doors will always be open to becoming a hedge against China for any country, especially a country that’s geostrategically important to China, like Pakistan. Just gotta play the cards right.

          2. Well i doubt current Afghan leadership will buckle like last time. Even the folks who are seen to be pro-Taliban like Iran, Russia or China, will start hedging their bets once US is out, as no power in the neighbourhood really wants a full Taliban control (aprt from Pakistan) . I wouldn’t put IS or Al Qaeda as big players for now.

            On Pakistan, i doubt US sees Pakistan as someone who can be hedged against China. For all practial purpose US has made up its mind that both Iran and Pakistan are in China’s orbit now. And as long as US beefs up India, Pakistan and India cant be in a single team. Pakistan geostrategically importance is overblown (both for China and US).

            Let see how it goes.

        2. Ghanta!

          Americans took Afghanistan in a matter of days and killed OBL inside Pakistan! They can tear Afghanistan into three independent countries if they choose. 20 saal se pee kar rahe hain Taliban aur Pakistan ke munh pe. Baki ab kya dhaan boyein wahan baith ke aur bees saal? The problem is that their absolute dominance makes them not act on the namak-haraam Pakistan that bites the hand that fed them 32 Billion dollars.

          Jin goron ko Ganji-Tauliya bechte hain aur jinki taxi chalate hain unhein ko daant dikhaate hain, nafrat-gaddari toh khoon mein hai: https://trendeconomy.com/data/h2/Pakistan/TOTAL

          btw pichli baar Pakistan ne kaunse jhande gaad diye the? Did Taliban accept Durand line? Heroin abuse ka number one adda bana Pakistan, gun culture, terrorism, islamisation, duniya ke saare mawad …

          Aur rahi baat helicopter ride ki. Hum bhi yahin hain, tum bhi yahin ho, 2021 ka end bhi door nahi hai. Dekh lete hain.
          Also, phir khurafaat karenge toh phir gorey ghar mein ghus ke maarenge. That is a given.

          Bhai I saw that Shahid Raza, agla NSA banega launda lag raha hai 🙂

          What is with these Pakistani ‘analysts’ and their fake accent? Lag raha tha munh mein ‘machli’ dabaye hai.

          Khaayenge goron ka diya, aur gaal bajaayenge Taliban ke liye. Itna farji gyaan banch-te hain Pakistani, gaand se nikal ke fantasy kabutar udate rehte hain. Lagi lagaayi steel mill chala nai paaye aur arbitrary bakchodi karenge jaise ki akalmandi mein Charlie Munger aur Steve Ballmer ki najayaz aulaad hain. Abhi dekhna Naseem Zehra, Ejaz Haider aur baki Chootiye rona shuru karenge ki haay raam Amarika humein frontline banake chood gaya! Haay Haay hum doodh ke dhule hain! Sab unki galti hai! War-aid bheekh nai humara haq hai!

        3. @Saurav, I wrote this a couple of days ago. Was (rightly) stuck in moderation due to abusive language.

          @Qureshi, sorry agar zyada gali-galauj ho gayi ho (anyways not directed for you). It sounded funny in my head when I typed it.

          @Ugra Enjoy!

        4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AXzqN22x8s

          Disclaimer: These Pakistani students are at-least trying to do something good.


          Bematlab ki geostrategy aur farji hawai sapne aur baatein. Tired of Pakistani idiots, misplaced priorities and endless BS.

          Overselling a sounding rocket that has not even been built! BC sounding rocket hai! Gapp kam maro, school ke bacche banate hain yahan Nevada mein.

          Throwing jargon CFD, Wind Tunnel, Fifth Generation, Thrust Vectoring, AI, ML, RL, DL blah blah blah. Aise confidence ke saath gaand se kabootar nikalte hain Pakistani anchor log, kuch bhi matlab kuch bhi bak denge.

          Bas kadak Urdu mein, haath phaila ke chaati phula ke International Relations aur Geostrategy ke pointless aur arbit funday maaro, kisne dekha kya even factually sahi-kya galat. Bas bakaity karte raho aur pretend karo ki bade smart ho.

  23. India should welcome the end of US occupation of Afghanistan

    Interestingly, the following is the prognosis of the US intelligence agencies for India-Pakistan relations in the period ahead, as reflected in the DNI report: “Although a general war between India and Pakistan is unlikely, crises between the two are likely to become more intense, risking an escalatory cycle. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is more likely than in the past to respond with military force to perceived or real Pakistani provocations, and heightened tensions raise the risk of conflict between the two nuclear-armed neighbours, with violet unrest in Kashmir or a militant attack in India being potential flashpoints.”

    In the final analysis, India’s Afghan policy failed due to the ruling elite’s obsessive enmity toward Pakistan. The international community recognises that Pakistan has legitimate interests in Afghanistan and accepts that it has a crucial role to play in the peace process. Thus, India got marginalised due to its zero-sum mindset. There is no one to blame but itself.


    1. Agree, Afghanistan or any other central asian countries are resource sink for countries who are willing to invest it in. Far too volatile , not much ROIs.

      Though, on the contrary to what the author says, rather than being marginalized, India is being proded to take a larger role in Afghanistan by US. Hopefully India turns that down.

      1. India finds herself isolated after deferring to the US on Iran. India should work with Russia and Iran to find ways around American coercion on regional policy;

  24. As India is battered by severe Covid-19 second wave, where is Narendra Modi and his government?
    The prime minister and his Cabinet appear to have abdicated their roles, downplaying the danger of variants, politicising vaccine shortages, encouraging crowds.
    There is little sense that the Centre is giving the massive, tragic second the urgent attention it needs. Instead, headlines have been dominated by Bharatiya Janata Party leaders defending the huge crowds at the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, saying that faith trumps Covid-19 restrictions and the Centre playing politics over vaccine shortages.

    Even as local authorities begin to put restrictions on mobility in the hope that they can halt the wildfire-like spread of the disease, the impression coming from Modi – by far the country’s most popular leader – is that mask-less crowds are fine, that he will not step in if people use religion as an excuse to violate Covid protocol and that the reported vaccine shortages are unimportant.

    But the prime minister, who has always been praised for his communication skills, seems entirely unwilling to convey the impression that the country is in the midst of a severe crisis, lest it dent his party’s chances of winning in West Bengal. What else could explain the unwillingness to speak honestly about the severity of the second wave beyond putting the onus on states and the people? How else is one to understand the politicisation of vaccine shortages and the silence on large religious gatherings?


    1. …As India is battered by severe Covid-19 second wave, where is Narendra Modi and his government?

      50% of all Covid cases ever in India have been in Maharashtra and Kerala. These two states account for less than 10% of India’s population.

      Perhaps the Scroll should ask Sonia Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Uddhav and the Communists on what they have been doing?

      Do you have a day job other than spreading marxist news outlets on BP? Andheri Nagri Chaupat Raja

      1. “50% of all Covid cases ever in India have been in Maharashtra and Kerala. These two states account for less than 10% of India’s population.”

        The numbers released by the Indian government can’t be trusted. States governed by the BJP are suppressing information on Covid deaths.

    1. The success of Ather (they have recorded their first positive margins) and the growth of self driving technology and ride sharing could lead to an interesting mobility future in India. Individuals may own electric bikes for personal mobility, while autonomous ride sharing might predominate for work and errands. The economics of incremental yearly upgrades in vehicle efficiency and technology work for operators of large fleets rather than individual owners.

  25. Afghanistan shares a border with Xinjiang via the Wakhan corridor. Does China really want the Taliban to have a border with its restive Muslim frontier ? And how do we know that the US hasnt built its own connections with the Taliban, bypassing Pakistan ?

  26. This video helped me understand girmit’s point about the quality of Pakistani infrastructure vis-a-vis India.


    As a comparator, driving from Delhi to Amritsar is nowhere near as smooth or organized.

    There is one caveat though. These areas have similar population densities, but there seems to be far more traffic on the Indian road. I wonder if projects in India are designed to include as many population centres as possible, the usual inclusion vs execution tradeoff.

    1. I wonder if driving from Delhi to Lucknow would be a more similar experience to this. You can cover the ~500 km journey in less than 7 hours. Some claim to have done it in 5 hours.

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