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Nature of truth is like gravity, it will reveal itself, in decades if not in eons. What failed in afghanistan was not the american sciences dept, the guns, the humvees , the blackhawks all work well enough, what failed was the american humanities dept.  The primary source of support for taliban was pakistan, over time american generals were chummy with pakistani generals and hoped that they could influence them to change their ways, but failed to see the ideological investment and their inability to substitute with anything else and were confronted with the recognition of value of pakistan as annoyance vs annoyance of terrorist groups, and as Biden once said to Hamid Karzai, “pakistan was 50 times more important than afghanistan”, it being a nuclear state. It might eventually also have icbm capabilities in future. And in anycase,  while they were depended on them for logistical reasons, they could not push them more . It made no sense in the end to apply force on pakistan for teaching courses in gender studies in afghanistan.


What India should do is shield itself from the lunacy and wishful imagination of american and western humanities dept.we are not an island surrounded by ocean on both sides and our gdp per capita is poor compared to western countries. Their belief that peoples wills did not count and it could be mended with power and wealth, that you could buy out the loyalty of poor people in third world country. That jihad is not really jihad, it is a badly expressed post colonial protest movement. And religion never really was a force in medieval period, it was a cover for economic and political maneuvering.

Never has there been an opportunity as good as now to give strictures to western humanities dept and the romanticism of medieval islamist states they indulged in, this essentially sends mixed signals to muslims on what to aspire for, if abbasid caliphate were a golden age of islam , it should be possible to have islamic state and also  develop science as well. As long as liberals and left never come to power in muslim majority states , they are but losers to islamists and we should take no lessons from them on this. We should state this in every argument, from here on. Those who lost to goat herders should not be listened to.

One more benefit of this afghanistan debacle was that america never really stole anything from afghans, there was no oil. So this ends leftwing lies. sure , people can make conspiracy theory of defense contractors leeching of this disaster , but it would be ridiculous, as it was their presidents who made decisions and they did not seem to have benefitted from this personally. 

A way to go about busting left liberal ideas  is to try to come up with graphs, of various variables over time. To pit different variables of economic reasons to political reasons to religious reasons. For example, if the claim is that political/economic reasons explain some acts of bigotry, then over time political leaders should undermine religious authorities and try to develop a secular alternative independent of religious figures and go about legitimizing their rule under those terms. This would lead to a graph that would rise in the political expressions devoid of use of religious legitimacy over time, and value economic goods over religious sensibilities. On the other hand, if religion keeps interfering , then it would be stuck and fluctuate over time and never rise beyond a certain threshold or it would rise far more slowly compared to other religions that are not as interfering or totalitarian in nature.

As we found out about classical physics, the patterns reveal themselves when paired over time. The same is the hope I have in humanities dept as well, that some day, using vectors, graphs, we could set machines and some day AGI to go about discovering causal models in human behavior . To take the human out of the loop and let it go about discovering various domains and come up with both novel explanations and also discovery of bias and bigotry, both in present academic discourse and the past. What we should aim for is to have the autonomy to survive this period of mlecchas spreading their delusions which is going to be a function of autonomy over religious bodies, schools, temples to go about preserving values and gain the economic wealth and the technological and military capabilities . With the rise of china, there is now space for us as well to kick off the western authority in humanities for good. Remember, only those who survive enjoy the fruits of future, dead and their legacy are at the mercy of the living. 

An example of this ,the witch trials and the role of religious competition. One could make a case for this with violence by mughals against sikhs and as a proxy to measuring bigotry across Indian history. The period of confrontation between saivas and vaishnavas in southern India during the time of ramanujacharya.


we could pair various variables, diversity of beliefs, the production of mathematical knowledge in India , desecrations of religious places over time, those very graphs would themselves produce a visual evidence for everyone to see.  But our aim should be much more, we should not limit ourselves to be neocolonial slaves and restrict ourselves to Indian history, we should aim to do more work, study classical greece, china and its history and the entire world and try to undermine the value and authority of harvard and oxford and such humanities dept in west, this would require commitment of govt to have to invest a lot in order to do this.

we are not brown characters playing ethnic roles in western movies, we are lead characters looking into the world to understand and to explain it. Let us first begin to study the chinese history, not merely due to the rise of china but for our own sake to understand the world and everything in it. 

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  1. What is this nonsense? Nothing you said makes sense in the absence of facts and figures. We should do this, we should do that…. Why should we do what you say?First make your case…. that requires time, patience and labour, invest in that before pontificating. Sorry for being harsh but I am fed up with those who keeps on giving unsolicited advice as if they know what is good for us

  2. of courser I have no idea what is good, but people are free to read and choose. First comment is for free, everything else goes to bin.

  3. /One more benefit of this afghanistan debacle was that america never really stole anything from afghans, there was no oil./

    What about the opium? Have you come across the term ‘Golden Crescent’ before? How about ‘The New Great Game’? This is just an extension of NGG. Why do you think Benjamin Disraeli have the title of ‘Empress of India’ to queen victoria? He just wanted to send a message to Russia that Britain would not take Russia’s incursions in central asia lightly, and that they would defend their territories firmly.

    The US pullout was signed by Trump 1 year back. Russia is keeping the Syrian civil war alive by supporting the Assad regime. The Taliban is basically an org of the mujahideens who fought the soviet. Seems like Russia’s hands are itching again.

    Always amusing to watch tamils fap to Ramanujacharya

  4. i am not tamil. opium was the reason for US invasion of afghanistan?. Ok. people are free to believe whatever they want. good day

    1. I didn’t say it’s the reason. I’m saying you can’t say they found nothing there.

      Drug money drives rebel groups and governments too. Check out what Assad regime is doing.

      You said America found nothing, I was just refuting it. Do you think they will swoop down if nothing is there? Just my 2 cents.

      Sorry about the last part…a part of my brain is in panic mode all the time.

      1. “I’m saying you can’t say they found nothing there” — I think they did, there’s roughly 3 trillion USD worth of rare earth metals/minerals, the ‘oil’ of future, in afghanistan. I wonder what’s going to happen to such vast precious reserves !

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