Incentivize India to move forward and not backward : Incentivize Intercaste marriages

India is going down the path of endless conflict over dividing people and how much of the slice of pie should be given to each of them for their backwardness. It was fair to provide sc/st with reservations. Beyond that, it has come to be about pressure tactics being applied by politically dominant communities to assert themselves. There is also an unprincipled policy by various govts to offer sops to different communities including forward communities and other religious communities. This violates basic principles of govt being impartial .

One must instead incentivize what one intends to see much more than to reinforce the social structures and those who are politically invested in supporting it.

Govt should remove 10% quota it has offered to general community. Breaching the 50% quota by govt was politically expedient for elections but now has led to repercussions of it going much further. It was clear then and now that this is how it would evolve. It was a terrible move by the govt to go against the supreme court directive of offering quotas beyond 50%. The congress party has already claimed that it intends to bring reservations in pvt sector as well.

Govt can instead restructure its quota policy, it should instead be given to people of ICM background , also govt should encourage ICM at district level with promises of economic loans, houses and other sops and aim for 15 % quotas for ICM at every district. It could tailor the already prevalent quotas to obc and sc/st and add the provision that even among them, those with ICM will be preferred over others.

Govt should also increase and reserve seats at the panchayat level and in politics for 25 % additional seats to be created and offered to people of ICM background as first preference. As Indian population has increased significantly, govt should take advantage of this to tailor new constituencies . Govt in power should take this once in a generation opportunity due to its majority to achieve this.

This can be creatively implemented to ensure a political constituency that shall propel Indians forward rather than backward. You should create the constituency that shall take you forward.

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  1. Inter-Caste mixing is also beneficial from genetic perspective given the endogamic nature of Indian population over millenia.

    It also has socio-cultural and unifying elements since children, esp over generations of mixed heritage usually try to balance things and it will eventually lead to a new culture, whatever that may be. When everyone is mixed Caste, there is no Old Caste. Society needs renewal.

    All this usually happens when Dynasties/State collapses or Revolutions happen. But since in India State was anyway always weak and True Revolutions have rarely if ever happened, Class Eradication never crossed the tipping point.

    Inter-Caste Unions needs to be given over-the-top benefits, above and beyond reason and backed by the might of the State.

    People are people at the end of the day, no amount of 1000 years of clan-purity stands in the way of socio-economic positive mobility. Those that will remain will be a minority, trivial to matter. But currently it’s not trivial, situation is locked into a Vetocracy as Fukuyama put it.

  2. Should anuloma and pratiloma unions be treated the same way? This is the question under which this proposal will be buried. I am really surprised at the blinders of the reservation opponents.

    1. Sometimes I read such startlingly surreal things on BP, that confirms to me Indians will be continued to be regarded as stupid and disrespected by others.

      Inter-caste marriage by itself isn’t some golden rule. This ICM can make a lot of poor lower castes being taken advantage of (imagine lower caste women sexually harassed with government backed incentives) and not necessarily create “equality” some people dream about.

      I can’t even begin to address this naive belief of ICM creating their new caste instead of becoming just as before but now with “one drop” rule like the US Blacks. Seriously an offspring of Reddy-Naidu or Naidu-Brahmin union would find political solidarity with offspring of Velama-Mala union? Please read up Rohit Vemula vs. NTR jr. and form some realistic ideas about current society.

      All social engineering ideas without observations about society itself end up being stupid and hurting very people they expect to protect.

      On that note, highly recommend watching “Mandela” movie on how abuse of power exists with castes and politics (including inter-caste marriages).

  3. A small change does get swallowed up, a big change that is explicitly political and ends up being its own political constituency does not. OBC is a good example, it is but a category . Creating an explicit political constituency on basis of being ICM would be a good idea. For that, the political salience of being ICM should be incentivized.

  4. The post reeks of articles from the Indian Express, the Wire, the Scroll.
    Let me put a rebuttal to the post
    1)The government should remove 10% provided reservation. Based on the poor understanding of the author. Let me put this straight 10% of 50.5% of unreserved seat. It doesn’t affect the overall scheme of things. It’s a horizontal reservation. Plus the idea of Upper caste being forward is a stupid construct- ex:- Gaur Saraswat Brahmins are OBC in Karnataka, Goswami Brahmins are OBC in UP. Uninformed people claiming “XYZ” is wrong because they don’t read the big government reports consisting of 600+ pages with 500+ pages of bogus is not an excuse for incompetence. The reservation for UCs is solely on the basis of income of the “family”, landholding and other physical properties. If the author is advocating for the removal of ONLY UCs horizontal reservation then the author hasn’t studied read the Indira Sawhney judgement since OBC stands for “other backward classes” and not “castes”. It can be argued that OBC reservations given to certain educationally backward Upper castes can be abolished and subsumed under the new scheme of things. Also the author is silent on the TN scheme of reservation which is standing at 69% since 1970s.
    2)ICM as an economic criteria or social mobility idea is based on some “vague” understanding that it will solve the caste problem is probably the arguments that could come out of only JNU. So far as the things have progressed in 70 years, you have seen significant intercaste marriage rates have increased dramatically compared to the last 1000 years. The Intercaste marriage in some states stand around 5-10% of all marriages over a long term average of 20 years. It will take 2-3 generations for the Indians to achieve roughly 50% of ICM for a society which for the last 50 generations hasn’t seen Intercaste marriage is a big achievement as the author conveniently ignores the fact that Britain’s present intermixing was achieved over a period of 100-150 years post Industrial revolution. The Indian society is being judged at 70 years only is an unfair equation.
    3)The stupid arguments like presenting increasing the number of seats and reservation quota is based on zero reading of the constitution. Under the Indian constitution, the scheme of LS seats and RS seats are fixed according to 1971 population distribution because south Indian states feared demographic transition( it occured but in terms of religion). The subsequent amendments has fixed that no changes can be made to the scheme of things till 2026. It is highly likely that the seats in LS and RS will be changed after 2031 census most probably in 2039 election so puting forth an argument today is useless and changing goalposts.
    4)the Indian express is not a source of good reportage because of selective news it publishes and also incorrect news. I recall a journalist from the Indian express named “Iram Siddiqui” who reports the Madhya Pradesh section always conveniently used the newspaper to propagate the “atrocities” on the Muslims while not putting anything else as if only X incidents happened in MP in 2020-21 even though the NCRB showed other crimes also increased in MP. The issues regarding atrocities committed on Dalits and Muslims ONLY by UC Hindus are highlighted in the newspapers of the IE, the Hindu etc while giving a clean chit to other atrocities and it’s manifestation is seen when Congress ruled states are not even questioned the way BJP ruled states are by the media and the newspapers. It’s a worldwide phenomena since the capital accumulation has riched it’s pinnacle while the human innovation has peaked, the current monopolies want to maintain a status quo through selective speech controls and freedom of expression. A party which won 0 seats in West Bengal election is happy in downplaying a party which won 77 seats in West Bengal because media supports it. A Party which has seen 4 Presidents from a same family in the last 70 years cries democracy for the nation and other parties! A set of uneducated people who had no aptitude to take up sciences and took arts and dominate the social sciences suddenly became the policy makers of the country! It’s always the lack of human innovation which invites socialism and leftist ideology which essentially is nothing but jealousy that “I couldn’t do it so I won’t let you do so”.

  5. Most of this is trash. You dont seem to understand the issue is about political consolidation under the category of ICM. Even if people do ICM, if the incentives remain to identify as obc or sc/st, then one is not really moving forward. I would take Pranab Mukherjee more seriously than people here.

    1. Yeah that’s why the Indian Express dogs keep barking at the Government because they don’t have anything to offer and they are genuinely stupid but its readers choice to decide.

      I don’t have a problem with ICM policy but what your post offers is the role of State in the personal affairs. Now understand, ICM should be promoted not imposed because if you impose it will be counter-productive since the imposition will not be secular.And if you think there will be a political gain it then I don’t understand your perspective.

      And third your idea of caste matrix is based on UC bigotry only. I suggest you do more reading on the caste histories as I myself is indulging in it to understand the issue. The issue of caste also exists in Mussalmans. Let me address that – Ashraf or Foreign Muslims,Ajlaf or Lower caste Muslims ,Arzal or Untouchable muslims. How will you incorporate muslim caste matrix as it imposes dual hierarchy- tribal and caste affiliations. Caste in Christianity also functions differently than Hindu and Islamic idea. If you try to incorporate it under the “common law” it will result in a disaster.

  6. Those presenting opposition to this premise seem to miss, deliberately ignore the most obvious one outside of Economics and that being, Genetic.

    Caste in India is not Just a class structure, it has genetic fundamentals. In traditional/highly-conservative societies Blood & mythos around it is relevant concern.

    To eradicate Caste in India it is a pre-requisite that Mixing of people needs to happen. This holds regardless of how much Socio-Economic prosperity there is or will happen in 3 generations (which is a comically embarrassing take since if it takes 150 years from Independence to resolve this, that is an abject Failure).

    No place on this planet has At-Scale Endogamy as it exists in India. There is a reason why Caste System in India is unique on a planetary history scale.

    1. You are right. I’m not raising the genetic issue because convincing 1.2 billion people that your grandchildren will have deformities is not easy. I’m giving it from the perspective of the policy making in the social realm. The author is using arguments like incentivising ICM through economic means which will not work rather be counter-productive because then the economics of ICM will overpower the personal choice. The same argument goes for population control but the population control bill is a secular bill it creates obligation for ALL not only UCs. But I agree that genetic issue is the core issue but if you can define that issue in front of the public.

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