Thanu Padmanabhan, A Noted Indian Physcist Passed Away Last Month

“Professor Ajit Kembhavi, former IUCAA director, who worked along with Prof Padmanabhan for the past more than 30 years, said, “He was an outstanding physicist, astronomer and scholar. He has written a series of highly acclaimed and technical books on different aspects of Theoretical Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics. It is a great loss to the astronomical community.” “

“This is one of the saddest days in the history of IUCAA, Pune and the Indian scientific community today. Professor Thanu Padmanabhan Padma Shri passed away this morning as a result of a cardiac arrest. Padmanabhan known as Paddy to us all, leaves behind his wife and daughter, innumerable friends, admirers, colleagues, teachers and his monumental legacy of research and textbooks.” said IUCAA director Prof Somak Raychaudhury.

3 thoughts on “Thanu Padmanabhan, A Noted Indian Physcist Passed Away Last Month”

  1. Great man, not as famous but on the same tier as Narlikar, G. Sudarshan, and Ashoke Sen. He will be dearly missed by Indians. I thank him for his service to our nation and inspiring quite a few people to persevere.

    1. S Asians must diet and exercise properly. We are screwed by metabolic disease. Even if we are more predisposed, there is a massive preventative component to these diseases.

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