Caste in America

UC Davis quietly added caste to its anti-discrimination policy. Will it cause others to do the same?

Yes, it will. American liberals will now start talking incessantly about caste. Some notes

– <1% of Indian Americans are Dalits from surveys I have seen

– 30-40% of 1.5 and 2nd gen. Indian Americans out marry racially. Most do not, in my experience, in-marry in terms of jati when they marry other Indian Americans

– 25% of Indian Americans are Brahmin, but they are not wealthier or more educated than other groups on the whole. The richest Indian Americans seem to have names like Agrawal from what I have seen in private data

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  1. Anecdotally, richest Indian Americans are from most Mercantile castes of India. Most educated are Brahmin.

    1. Interestingly the richest indian american is a Hindu Jatt (Jay Chaudhary).

      Not stereotypically a mercantile caste in India.

      Meanwhile the most hyped young Indian American hooper is Ryan Aggrawal.

      Not stereotypically a martial caste in India.

      Truly America is the land of opportunity and individualism.

      1. An Agrawal who isn’t fat? His parents must be disappointed.

        At least they might have taught him how to keep *galla*.

      2. And what’s shocking Ryan stands at 6’6 tall and he’s part Tamil.Rarely you’ll find Bania or south Indian who is that tall . Doubt it’s has anything to do with his diet and I believe it’s an genetic anomaly

  2. I guess woke indians were jealous that woke white are surging ahead in the cultural space.

    So they invented their own BLM.

  3. I think a way to counteract this is to spread awareness about Ashrafs and the caste system among south asian muslims. Muslims are a protected group under left liberal ideology so showing even they suffer from it will shut them up (not that debate about it should be shut up but it’s their problem if they are less passionate about it after seeing the complete picture)

  4. America is fertile ground for varna-jati formalisation – not just for Indian Americans but for the others as well. It might be the start of a cultural invasion of a native society by an alien meme. The Colombian exchange triggered one of the most expansive European population increases with the introduction of the humble potato. That set right a creeping calorific deficit affecting European stability (again a deeper malaise stemming from serf-manor-peasant relations).

    The US has more income inequality than India (standardised Gini coefficient). And I don’t think that is a random outcome. Varna-Jati formalises this inequality to make a case for unequal treatment. Perpetuation of the inequality as a second order outcome is also an accompanying truth.

    A little discussed fact that caste commentators gloss over is that the traditional varna-jati dynamic achieved a critical separation of businessmen (vaishya) and governance in the modern Indian state. Maybe it even went overboard (Nehru dissing businesses).

    The phenomenon that afflicts modern American society (wholesale capture of institutional power by business lobbies) would rarely happen in totality within the Indian matrix. A Donald Trump is unimaginable. Pharma lobbying of the scale that happens in the US cannot even breathe inside the Indian governance ethic (which firmly disses profit-making within the varna-jati loci).

    Time will tell us if varna-jati can bestow benefits to the Americans.

  5. sophisticated Indians ran away from India, were absorbed by democrats/left. now are suffering.
    lessons to learn
    1)There is no substitute for courage. define urself or others will define u. go and contact with who’s who and spread ur message first and far.become most influential.
    2) have asabiya and dont abandon everything in delusion that ur backround should not matter, liberals/left have shown u what they really are.
    3) ur openness, inability to punish insiders or impose costs and social division and assimilative attitude makes u a soft target. they smell blood on u, if not woke/ left/liberals, others will ,
    every group has black sheep,find theirs and tar the rest with it. peace and truth are consequences of balance of forces, they dont exist by themselves. decapitate a few careers, hurt a few people by reputation, be electorally valuable ,impose costs on sellouts, show u can bite . And then impart good culture of value for truth. dont put the cart before tbe horse. Also, dont do howdy modi if the moron refuses to do anything to help u out. u will fave a backlash as ur now doing so.
    as we have just learnt from farm laws in India, Asabiya is what matters most, weak asabiya loses to stronger ones. truth is a cultural product of balance of power, trade offs between different contesting groups, it doesnt exist by itself.

  6. 6 months from now, white libs will get told to stfu and other Hindu jatis don’t have the balls to keep up a lehar against co-ethnics.

    For context, this is no difference than the honor killing meme or domestic violence rhetoric that went around 80s UK or 00s Canada as the Desi population grew enough to form enclaves.

    Out-marriage will decrease as Indians start to seldom interact with outsiders outside of a minority context (Surrey, Edison etc.)


  7. My wife is Thai and worked with Indians in Saudi. Although her family was pretty average middle class, she was not particularly impressed with Brahmins or other educated Indians as being more intelligent or sophisticated than other national groups. The experience in her native group emphasized hard work and their religion (Buddhist) as the keys to success. When she moved to the US, she saw that pretty much reflected by Indian successes for those adapting to a more egalitarian society here.

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