Open Thread – 11/19/2023

A new podcast with Karol is posted on Bangladeshi politics, culture and economics (me and Amey co-host). At one point Karol notes that Sheik Hasina, the Prime Minister, has a son who is being groomed to be heir apparent, but he is married to an American and lives in the DC area and does not seem very enthusiastic about taking the reins of power in the future.

I decided to look up this person, and quickly and easily found his daughter’s public Instagram…and she does not seem to be very appropriate as the daughter for someone who wants to become the leader of a Muslim nation… (there are angry comments from Bangladeshis on the gram; you can look her up in more official photos, and it’s pretty clearly her now that she’s in her early 20’s).

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17 days ago

I am looking for a good book on the history of metals/metallurgy/material sciences in India. Would welcome recommendations.

15 days ago

lol that’s not actually her, it looks like a fake account no engagement nothing. I’m guessing someone’s messing around. I can’t judge her too harshly being a diaspora Bangladeshi who isn’t that religious in all honestly but the degenerate behaviours do cringe me out. Weak father figures etc etc.

6 days ago

It has been a year since the Sri Lankan mesolithic mtDNAs were released, and yet no signs of autosomal DNA yet. Sad!

22 hours ago

In the unsupervised learning personality episode, the speaker talks about mbti in terms of axis-like results, however cognitive functions are essential to mbti. The axis-based ones are like a cross-over between big five and proper mbti. He says typing has been the problem, but without typing there is no mbti. Without typing there is just a poor man’s big five, and that poor man’s big five is still better the the true mbti tests which use typing.

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