No such thing as South India

The original article by Mahatma’s grandson is equally intriguing, People of the South constitute an equal and single community: Rajmohan Gandhi.I don’t have too many opinions on this (for a change) but my inclination is that caste (and then creed) have dramatically reduced regional identities in India.

The states that have been most problematic to the Indian Union (East Punjab, Srinagar area, 7 sisters) have more homogenised profiles (and incidentally happen to be on the periphery). Continue reading “No such thing as South India”


Mother India is Communal

I don’t really know what to say but it’s absurd. I can’t understand what’s so offensive about “Mother India.”

I’m walking around Chennai and so many Muslim ladies are wearing Niqabs (the eyes are only seen).

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I stand with Sajid on Pakistani Pedophilia

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Javid said stripping offenders of British citizenship would happen only in extreme cases involving individuals with dual nationality.

He was pressed on the issue by the programme’s guest editor, the Pakistani-British writer Kamila Shamsie, who pointed out that the lack of sex offender registers in Pakistan would make it easier for offenders deported from the UK to repeat their crimes.

Javid responded: “I’m the British home secretary. My job is to protect the British public.”

Seeking to clarify, Shamsie asked: “If you are sending members of grooming gangs to Pakistan, knowing that there is not a sex offenders registry, what they do there is not anything to do with you?”

Javid said: “My job is to protect the British public.” Continue reading “I stand with Sajid on Pakistani Pedophilia”


Demonetisation will lead to DeModisation-

The Indian Property prices took a wobble after demonetisation and despite my admiration for PM Modi, what deeply upsets me is that he attacked the middle classes.

The whole idea of “cleaning up India” is that it needs to be a top down effort. Beyond chasing Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi there are oligarchs in India who cripple the country. Continue reading “Demonetisation will lead to DeModisation-“


Why India must become the Hindu Israel!

Happy Boxing Day; just had a lovely walk around Chetpet EcoPark. I was shocked to find out that allegedly it cost 25 Crores (allegedly).

There is a trend in the West that the Parties of the Left can only unite their diverse coalitions of minorities (gays, blacks & feminists) with straight middle class male WASPs (Justin Trudeau, Jeremy Corbyn, Beto O’Rouke). Continue reading “Why India must become the Hindu Israel!”


This is what won Brexit!

An extraordinarily shameful video of BritPaks acting like savages in an English airport.

They really go out of their way to make a fool of themselves.

It’s videos like this that set off the native populations and make them believe that the Islands are being overwhelmed by strange folk.

It’s why I honestly believe that any right-thinking and aspirational coloured (or Person of Colour) would do well to vote for the Tory Party; Labour has compromised with these retrograde elements for far too long.

At the very least if they want to do these Sufi Chants in a public sphere ; they should have half-naked bellydancers (of both sexes) writing suggestively around to assure everyone it’s sexy fierce.

Though it’s a two way relationship as well; after the jump I’ve shared a shockingly offensive tweet by a Remainers suggesting Asian companies don’t honour their commitments. From the way the tweets are written the chap just doesn’t seem on the ball on how to do international business, sorry to say! One shouldn’t take a colonial attitude to the Rising Powers of the East.

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India never existed

I deleted my post since I’m just going to put these tweets out there; it will make for a good podcast though.

I suspect in a 100 years we will still have Coloniser Experts opining on South Asian Nationhood and then being feted like white deities in the Desh..


Indian to ban commercial surrogacy

I find the Indian government’s ability to own-goal itself and its own citizens to be simply astounding.


Remembering the Birangonas; the female Freedom Fighters/Victims

I thought this was an important post to share and reflect on.

Today is the 47th Victory Day of my beloved country, Bangladesh. I could write a feel good, hyper patriotic and…

Posted by Taqbir Huda on Monday, December 18, 2017