The Consequences of Coronavirus

A couple years back, I spent my down time playing a video game called Plague Inc. The game starts off with you playing as a bacteria, parasite, fungus, or of course as a virus. Your objective is to spread yourself across the globe infecting as many humans as possible, eventually leading to the culling of all […]

Predictable, enormously surprising

[ cross-posted from Zenpundit — read these in sequence, and tremble ] . Here: New Yorker, Citing climate change, BlackRock will start moving away from fossil fuels New Yorker, Will Big Business Finally reckon with the Climate Crisis? World Economic Forum, The Global Risks Report 2020 BlackRock, A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance Guardian, European Investment […]

Poems: climate, impeachment, climate

Scorched earth Scorched earth used to be a military tactic — Samson caught three hundred foxes, and took firebrands, and put a firebrand in the midst between two tails, sending them through enemy fields — but what if nature out-flames the foxes? What if floods engulf those waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Hosing down used to […]

Saint Greta, Virgin and Guevara

A pair of DoubleQuotes and a whole bunch of the questions the two of them raise – also posted at Zenpundit . DoubleQuote I: St Greta, Virgin and Guevara: Questions: Is either meme valid? including its implications? Are those implications obscure to you? Can both sets of implications be valid at once? Could both memes […]

Climate change: impact on the Hajj

The Hajj, Mecca ** Since I posted my poem Mourning the lost Kaaba in late November 2017 — though not, I imagine, because of my poem — a report on the likely impact of climate change on the annual Hajj pilgrimage has come out from scientists at MIT and Loyola Marymount: Kang, Pal, & Eltahir, […]