Chuang-tzu or Zhuangzi, it’s a laughing matter [review]

[ cross-posted at Zenpundit — Zhuangzi, a light-hearted philosopher dancing to his own laughter, illuminated by CC Tsai ] . Zhuangzi: The Way of Nature translated by Brian Bruya, illustrated by CC Tsai Princeton University Press, 2019 US $ 22.95 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ You may be acquainted with the yin-yang symbol — or as it’s more properly […]

The Ideal and the Practical — the Practice

I’d written a response to @AnAn and included a quote from the Chuang Tzu’s chapter on Lord Wen-hui and what he learned from his Cook Ting, and wanted to throw in the following DoubleQuote — but graphics seem to be discouraged in the Comment sections here, so I’ve opened this post for the purpose: The […]

Coloniser mansplaining beautiful Indian girl The guy is simply obnoxious; he epitomises the Coloniser complex that I write against. She is obviously far above his league and he tries to defuse his insecurity by talking over her at every instance. It’s strange that Netflix finds nothing wrong with this video when the level of aggression towards this lady is […]