Beware of Hinditvas

Fascinating that Bengali in India has now started to borrow the honorofic suffix "jii" from Hindi-Urdu. What a 180-degree change in fortunes from the early 1900s when a new Hindi register looked to Bengali for inspiration. — Indian Linguist (@IndianLinguist) March 28, 2019 I love it when my point is so spectacularly proven. But […]

Muslims and Urdu in India

The plot above shows the % Urdu speakers vs. % Muslim in states where Muslims are 4% or more of the population. The data is from Census 2011 (thanks for Vikram of the language data). There are some interesting trends. Assuming that the vast majority of Urdu speakers are Muslim, it seems that in India […]

Sushma Swaraj’s hard hitting speech Why one earth is the Pakistani delegate wearing a translation piece? Even I, with my much weaker grasp of Hindustani (decent enough to understand Pakistani dramas), could understand most of this clip with the exception of a few Sanskriti/Shuddh Hindi words here & there.