Judicial Jitters in Pakistan, continued..

Two pieces from Dr Hamid Hussain on the higher judiciary in Pakistan. Well worth a read. Third piece is awaited.

What follows was written by Dr Hussain. 

Societies in general are becoming polarized and Pakistan is no exception. In times when main source of information is tweets, face book posts and a vlog by a youtuber, no one has the time or inclination to try to get information. Everyone picks his own set of facts that fits into his pre-conceived idea.  Facts are not shaping the opinion but it is the other way around where facts are adjusted to one’s opinion.

Judiciary has emerged as an important player in the power play. In the last few months, I have made an attempt to write about the subject that was a new ground for me.  I got educated and enlightened by many well informed folks.  This is first of the three part series on the subject matter.  Only for those interested in the background of unfolding events.

“Neither to laugh; nor cry

Just to understand”        Spinoza

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