Another reason to hate Putin; fewer abortions?

The world (west) hates Russia because it’s resurgent? In the 90’s under “democracy” there were 2.5 abortions for every live birth (that’s an unimaginable statistic where one in 3.5 pregnancies make it to a baby) whereas coincidentally just after Putin took power the dramatic drop meant that 0.42 abortions for every live birth (5times less relatively). In this post-modern age where everything that is anti-life (anti reproduction) is venerated maybe that’s another cross to add to Putin’s sins; why didn’t Russian women continuing aborting their future towards a so-called golden democracy (not that the rest of the ex-USSR did any better after communism)?

“Indeed the truly scary thing is that every single Eastern European country, even the ones that have fully integrated into the EU and NATO, was more demographically stable under communism.”

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10 years ago

3.5 and 0.5 abortions/live birth ? Are these numbers real?

Brown Pundits