Welcome, Namaste, Adaab, Ji ayaan noon!

Brownpundits was started several years ago by Razib Khan and Zachary Zavidé and has gone through multiple incarnations since then. We have now moved all our existing content to our new (and hopefully, permanent) home on WordPress and look forward to adding some new authors as well as new content from our old regulars. We have a number of editors and contributors, who all share a connection with, or interest in, the Indian subcontinent and its far-flung diaspora. We write about anything that strikes our fancy and our politics are varied, but we all hate fake news and made-up facts. Other than that, anything goes.

If you feel you have something to say, please use the comment section, but avoid flame wars and comments that add no fresh knowledge or insight.  If you want to start writing for us, hang around and add value in comments, we will probably come looking for you.

Razib can be found elsewhere on the internet at his primary weblog, Gene Expression. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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