Affidavit written in blood

“I did not kill Arnav. I did not murder Arnav. I did
not drown or smother Arnav. I did not poison Arnav. I did not fail to
render aid to Arnav at any time … Most importantly, I loved Arnav with
all of my heart and never would hurt him in any way, and I miss him
very much.”

We are not medical experts by any means of the imagination but to sit at home with a dead baby covered in ice for four days is not indicative of a normal state of mind. 

The poor husband will be having nightmares for the rest of his life- the truth may never be known- and this being Texas the lady is likely to face the hangman before soon.
Indian-American woman in north Texas, accused of killing her son and
leaving his body in the bathtub for four days, claims she did so in
accordance with her Hindu beliefs.

Pallavi Dhawan, 38, who is
charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 10-year-old son,
Arnav, almost three months ago, describes the events in a sworn
affidavit sent to police through her lawyer, David Finn.

In the
affidavit published by Dallas Observer, Dhawan said when she tried to
wake her son for school on January 29, he was cold and unresponsive.

She said at first she thought her son was faking being asleep to get
out of going to school, but when she picked him up to carry him to take a
bath, she realized he was dead.

After checking Arnav’s pulse and heartbeat and trying to perform CPR, Dhawan said she went into a state of shock.

In March, a medical examiner said Arnav’s cause of death could not be
determined, but Finn said the results trend “very, very heavily towards
natural causes”, according to CBS News.

The family said the boy had pre-existing medical conditions.

In the affidavit, Dhawan says, “I proceeded to give [Arnav] his
deceased bath according to Hindu customs, dressed him in his favourite
clothes and kept his favourite toy next to him and I later put his head
on his favourite pillow along with his favourite blanket.”

Because her husband, Sumeet Dhawan, was out of town on business, Pallavi
said she followed their cultural rituals to the best of her ability
while waiting for him to return.



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