Hindu-Jewish-Amrika axis exposed!!!

The one true Leader, despised by secularists (liberals), full of fighting spirit against Pakistan (Russia), the maestro preparing to unleash the magic of the free market on impoverished peasants, this is indeed the second coming of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

BTW Cohen is a Jewish title and he was an associate of GW Bush. By definition this makes him a neo-con who must be engaged in stitching up a Hindu-Jew-Amrika pact. Arundhati Roy will be responding shortly with an in-depth accounting of the anticipated treacheries by this axis of evil. Reihan Salam will be pleased (but what about Bangladeshis…in Bangladesh??).

Both Mr. Modi and Mr. Reagan rose from humble origins. Both were popular
and successful State leaders: Reagan was “chief minister” (governor, as
we say) of my home state of California. Mr. Modi, like Mr. Reagan, is
an unabashed proponent of free market economics: the term “Modinomics”
is of course a nod to “Reaganomics.”

A major common denominator between the two men is the nature of their
Like the U.S., India has cultural elitists who seem to
desperately crave the approval of their former colonial masters in
Europe. The Indian cultural elite despises Mr. Modi every bit as much as
the American cultural elite despised Mr. Reagan.
They look down their
noses at Mr. Modi, cringing at the thought of being led by a common chai wallah (“tea
seller,” as I translated it for my U.S. readers) who can barely speak
(I could never imagine Chinese or Russian citizens, proud of
their own heritage, being ashamed that their leaders don’t speak

The cultural elites labelled Mr. Reagan as a racist…..Mr. Modi, of course, is also labelled by his critics as a “communalist.”
I would call that roughly equivalent to the “racist” epithet that
Americans hurl at one another.
I must admit that as an outside observer, I often find the terms of
debate in India’s mainstream media to be confusing. As I understand it,
if you favor allowing citizens to be treated differently on the basis
of their religious beliefs, then you are an open-minded “secularist.”
If, on the other hand, you favour treating all citizens equally under
the law, without regard to their religion, then you are a “religious
It is comforting to learn that my country is not the only
one with a mainstream media that uses Orwellian doublespeak to support
its left-leaning agenda. (And I say that with all apologies and due
respect to this great newspaper, which has kindly offered me a forum!)

Mr. Modi, of course, promises to take a tough stand against
Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. In this regard, I reminded my American
readers that Islamic extremists are not fighting against the “West.”
Islamist extremists are fighting against all non-Islamic societies,
including Buddhists in Thailand; Christians in Nigeria, the Philippines,
Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan and
Timor-Leste; Jews in Israel; minority communities throughout the Muslim
world — and, quite prominently, Hindus in India.
India is very much on
the front lines of what we Americans used to call the War on Terror,
before our leaders lost the nerve to name it. Mr. Modi — his assertive
posture against Pakistan reminiscent of Mr. Reagan’s stance against the
Soviet Union — should be a valuable natural ally for the U.S.

As one who lived through Reaganomics, I believe that Modinomics can be
the perfect antidote to the kleptocratic crony socialism that has kept
India from realising her vast economic potential.
If India’s natural
entrepreneurial dynamism is ever fully unleashed, the sky will be the
limit. I am persuaded by the evidence (hotly debated in an election
season, of course) that shows that economic growth in Gujarat under Mr.
Modi has been a boon to all segments of society, especially the poor. I
am just sharing my view as an observer, and of course respect that it is
for the people of India to decide what is best for them.

(David B. Cohen served in the administration of President George W.
Bush as U.S. Representative to the Pacific Community, as Deputy
Assistant Secretary of the Interior, and as a member of the President’s
Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.)

Link: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/is-india-about-to-elect-its-reagan/article5931362.ece

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