India: controlled by (kosher) remote?

We have to admit that our political instincts are poor. In 2009 we were sure that BJP would win backed by the anger over 26/11. The opinion polls were sure as well. However the state of the economy and the fact that the Muslim stood as one with the Congress and the ineptitude of the BJP and the then leader Pakistani-Hindu-Sindhi Lal Krishna Advani were the deciding factors. Again, we did not see the tsu-NaMo coming this time, even though we did conclude (post-polls) that BJP/NDA will win big.

What was interesting was to hear from many people who voted for the Congress in 2009, simply because they felt that Pakistan somehow needed to be pacified and the Pakistani-Sikh-Punjabi Manmohan Singh was indeed the best man to do it. They were seriously worried that Advani would act in a rash manner (especially if there was a repeat strike).

For sure, these people have no love lost for Pakistan. Rather (in our opinion) they were terrified of the world’s #1 secret service- the ISI. To them it was clear that resistance to ISI was simply futile and the best hope for India was to sue for peace. (Subsequent events have done nothing to change their opinion. Even after Abbottabad these folks were expressing deep admiration for the fact that ISI was able to hoodwink the bumbling Americans for an entire decade.)

But while the #1 secret service may have aided the GOP indirectly in 2009, the #2 secret service was supposedly working overtime in order to ensure a BJP victory in 2014.

At formal and informal introspection sessions held for over past few
Congress leaders are coming up with bizarre theories for their
drubbing in the elections, right form blaming the Israeli intelligence
the Japanese communication agency Dentsu, the RSS and Congress
state units.
Everyone except vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been held
responsible for their crushing defeat.

On Monday at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting, general
secretary Mohan Prakash dropped a bombshell, revealing that Israeli
intelligence Mossad was in league with the RSS since 2009 to bring down
the UPA government.
Prakash when contacted refused to confirm, saying
the discussions at the party forum were not meant for public
consumption. Insiders, however, revealed that
Prakash’s version was that
Israel was not happy with the UPA government since it had only limited
political relations with Tel Aviv, unlike its predecessor the NDA.


So who is this Mohan Prakash?
Is he some dastardly muslim such as Mahesh Bhatt who has kept his (fake) Hindu name while praying five times a day? Not really. He is a scholar (Banaras Hindu University and Kashi Vidyapeeth) and a street fighter who is one of the favorites of the first family and had the honor of leading the Congress into battle in four western and north-western states in this elections. By the looks of it, he is also one of the brightest lights in the Congress party. when such a man speaks up (with conviction) people take notice (especially the gullible).


Early Life and Education

Shri Mohan
Prakash was born on 26 December 1950, and hails from Rajasthan. He is a
Bachelor of Journalism from Banaras Hindu University and studied his MA
from MG Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi.

Political Career

Shri Prakash started
his political journey from BHU as President of the Student’s Union in
1974-75. In 1985, he was elected to the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha. From
1991 to 1997, he worked closely with youth and farmer movements in
various parts of the country.

He was appointed a member of the AICC
Media Advisory Board from 2002 to 2004, during which he was in charge of
media relations for the Rajasthan state assembly elections in 2003. He
was an AICC spokesperson during the 2004 parliamentary elections. In
2005, he took charge of Media for the Haryana and Jharkhand elections,
and was also a member of the AICC delimitation committee.

He was in the AICC Media Committee in
2006, and for the UP elections in 2007. During the 2007 election for the
President of India, he was the spokesperson for the Congress Party.

He is a member of the Publication and
Publicity Committee of the AICC. Shri Prakash was appointed Secretary
(and spokesperson) of the AICC from 2008 to 2011. He was Chairman of the
Screening Committee for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in 2012.

Current Responsibilities

Shri Prakash is a member of the CWC and General Secretary AICC in charge of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

We bet that SS#1 has already found out all about the operations of SS#2 and will shortly issue a fatwa forbidding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from attending the inaugural ceremony. You heard this first here on BP.

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PS response to YSVR- unfortunately, it does not really matter what ordinary people like us think- the “fact” that Mossad was responsible for the BJP victory  (and that a Hindu certified this to be true) is about to become conventional wisdom on Pak-nationalist websites. Just like the time when the bumbling Indian security organizations provided an affidavit that there was a rumor that 26/11 was an inside job. Yes, we are really that dumb and deserve all the bullets and bombs that come our way.

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10 years ago

I dont care if he did his Bachelors in Jewish History from Technion in Tel Aviv and Masters in International Relations from a Yeshiva College in Brooklyn, his theory is still nonsense. Are we supposed to listen to each and every crank conspiracy theory just because of the persons stature? You know as well as I do that Indian politicians or journalists for that matter are not exactly sticklers for honest and critical investigative analysis.
The usual pseudo secular Muslim appeasing gibberish grasping at straws after his recent humiliation with faraway Israel as the standard boogeyman. Fact of the matter is there was no major break with relations in Israel, indeed it continued its role of Indians top defense supplier all through the UPA regime

Also most Indians dont really fear ISI or Pakistani terrorism as they have an inordinate (and undeserved) amount of confidence in their security forces. 26/11 didnt garner a response because a good number of Indians had swallowed the balderdash that Pakistan didnt really have much control or knowledge of what the perpetrators were upto.
Its another matter that Soniaji and Manmohan Singh did not emanate any wartime leadership but then neither did the BJP. The amount of worldwide goodwill garnered for India and Israel(attack on the Chabad) undermined Pakistan terribly and that apparently was good enough.

And a degree from BHU makes as "Hindu" as a degree from Georgetown makes you Catholic. Just ask Ambassador Bandar Abbas.
William Peter Blatty blistering critique of his aforementioned alma mater's moral relativism and spineless Jesuits was beautifully if briefly lampooned in his novel Legion later filmed as Exorcist III (IMO even better than the original which he also wrote)

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