The banana republic strikes back

Robert Vadra, the ex- first son-in-law will now have to stand in queue at the airport, just like the rest of us. The first step towards a moral order has been restored.

RV is famous for having said that he was a mango man in a banana
Now that he is truly an Aam Admi, he should be also thoroughly
investigated for his sources of wealth. Let the witch hunt begin (we use the word advisedly). (For those who are not familiar with Hindi, we observe an teacher who is fed up with a troublesome student. Asked about his ambition in life, the student replies: I want to be a son-in-law)

Also there is a lot of push-back from Congress and elsewhere about the (educational) qualifications of the cabinet ministers. Here is one comparison the sycophant army may want to think about (Ashok Khemka has been the main man behind the effort to unearth corruption linked to Robert Vadra and his associates, he has been harshly treated just for doing his job):


With the Gandhi family out of power, son-in-law Robert Vadra may lose his exalted exempt-from-frisking-at-airports status.

After taking over as aviation minister of Friday, Ashok Gajapathi Raju
Pusapati said that “security should be meaningful not ornamental” in
reference to Vadra who is the only individual named in the list of
dignitaries exempt from security checks at airports. All others on that
list are high constitutional positions with Vadra being the only

“It is for the home ministry to see the threat
perception of individuals. But generally, by and large, Indians should
go through security checks,” Raju said.

The Bureau of Civil
Aviation Security has 30 positions on the exempt list which begins with
the President of India and goes upto special protection group
protectees. The only individual listed in that list (on number 31) is
Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law.

Last week, the Air
Passengers’ Association of India had written to aviation secretary Ashok
Lavasa why was Vadra getting this special privilege that is reserved
for Constitutional authorities only. 
The list of exempt people is
displayed prominently at all airports and the inclusion of Vadra’s name
in it led to many people writing to the Association, asking it to take
up the matter with the government.



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