Our modern age (brainless) doctors

When you go in for an operation in India, make sure that you leave the hospital with your wallet, specs, notebooks…and your complete set of body parts. If you do not, then it may be possible to find your (empty) wallet, but your body parts will be lost forever.

The whole society is being poisoned by profit motive so it is bad form to only point at doctors, there are now greedy teachers, corrupt police and all that. Still this is shocking news.

The hospital is trying to close legal options by paying compensation. USA style tort system will probably not work in India, earlier when a ghastly fire led to 90 patients dying in a (different) Kolkata hospital forcing a shutdown, it was the common man in the form of hospital workers who suffered.
The bone flap of a 23-year-old that was being preserved in the operating theatre of Ruby General Hospital has gone missing.
The youth underwent brain surgery in the hospital in January last year.
The flap was opened during the surgery and was to be put back later on.
Neurosurgeons, however, said that missing bone flaps would not have any
bearing on the patient’s recovery and that artificial options would be
used instead

Arnab Dutta, 23, had jumped from the terrace of
his Lake Gardens apartment in January last year in a bid to commit
suicide after his father passed away. The computer engineering student
was rushed to Ruby General Hospital with a severe head injury, and where
he was operated on for brain haemorrhage.

During discharge,
the hospital told Arnab’s family that the bone flap was being preserved
to be replaced later, and that they should come back later. Arnab’s
family did not come back for months. In May this year, they asked the
hospital for the bone flap. The hunt for the piece of skull started, but
it was nowhere to be found, said a hospital source.

“Bone flaps are replaced once the brain
swelling comes down. But in many cases patients do not come back for
cranio-plasty, which is done mainly for cosmetic purposes. Otherwise,
once the overlying skin and hair covers that place, people can lead a
normal life with no effect on recovery,” said Anirban Deep Banerjee,
consultant neurosurgeon with Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata.

Ruby hospital authorities have assured the family of compensation. “We
will compensate the family,” said a hospital official.


Link: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Kolkata-hospital-loses-a-part-of-patients-skull/articleshow/37352089.cms



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