Best (non-evil) company for working fathers

Yes, a time will come when a working father will be declared to be an endangered species. 

Even in India, we see a bit of this: as women are liberated from societal norms (patriarchy), men are liberated as well, and without the compulsion of feeding wife and family revert (that famous word) to a situation where they are barely able to feed themselves. Women who love such beta (theta? zeta??) men are disappointed. Women who love alpha men feel angry (and disrespected).

(This is not a rant against women’s lib, there is no justification for slavery)

As we know, there has been no such thing called society in the West for sometime now (UK 1980s) and now it is increasingly true in the (incrementally) liberated East as well. Of course we do have non-liberal societal models (in large spots in India and South Asia) as well but they are fighting a losing battle with modernity (and over the body of women).
So, the story that’s gone viral is that a little girl named Katie
somehow not only wrote but managed to ensure that her father’s employer
got the following letter:

Dear Google worker,

Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off.
Like he can get a day off on Wednesday.
Because daddy ONLY gets a day off on Saturday.

From, Katie

P.S. It is daddy’s BIRTHDAY!
P.PS. IT is summer, you know.

The employer’s response?

And because a good deed deserves praise, or because so many people
want it to act as an example worth emulating for their employers, the
letters have gone viral, ensuring great PR for Google as a result.
Clearly a good deed didn’t go unrewarded at least in this case.





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