Jihadi Death Row (no end in sight)

We fear this will become a frequent event. First there was James Foley, now it is Steven Sotloff. Next on the death row, a Briton’s life hangs in the balance.


Setting aside the personal tragedies as well as the justified fear about wide-spread Islamophobia it seems the need of the hour is to understand and neutralize the jihadist ideology which is entrapping thousands of youngsters from the West (and elsewhere).

It is our opinion that the governments and the civil society have not really made an effort to understand why these people are so angry and how they are so easily brainwashed. A vaccine is needed…and fast.

The only way out (it seems to us) is to somehow make it clear the innate superiority of Western ideas, which has allowed the “Christian” West to dominate over the rest. It is critical that the young angry men be counseled properly (by Western trained imams if required) before the polarization levels become too stark. Our understanding of history is that there was no golden age in the past, human beings never had it so good like the present.

Here’s a summary of the latest developments:

  • Islamic
    militants released a video purporting to show the beheading of a second
    captive American journalist, Steven Sotloff, which ended with a
    chilling warning that a British hostage would be the next to die.

    In the video, entitled A Second Message to America, a masked man is
    shown carrying out the decapitation of Sotloff, whose life had earlier
    been threatened in a film that showed the murder of another American
    journalist, James Foley.
  • David
    Cameron condemned the apparent murder as a “despicable act” as he
    prepared to chair a meeting of the government’s emergency committee.
    video of Sotloff’s killing ended with footage of the British hostage in
    the same style of orange jumpsuit that both Foley and Sotloff were
    wearing, suggesting he was their next intended victim. His family has
    asked the media not to identify him.
  • Barack Obama has ordered 350 more troops into Iraq, hours after the release of the latest beheading video.
    The new deployment was intended not for “a combat role”, the White
    House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement, but to augment
    security at the Baghdad embassy and associated “support facilities”.
  • An
    investigation is under way to establish whether the man dubbed Jihadi
    John is behind the second murder after a British-accented man was shown
    in the video depicting the killing Sotloff.
    sources said that although there were similarities between the voice on
    the film that emerged on Tuesday and that depicting the murder of James
    Foley a fortnight ago, the figure is largely hidden in black clothing.
  • Journalists have paid tribute to Sotloff who reported on some of the most unstable and dangerous locations in the world. “Steven embodies what it takes to report from combat zones,” said Bill Roggio, managing editor of the Long War Journal.
  • Sotloff’s murder and the threat to another hostage dominates the British press. The Daily Mail argues the government is failing to do enough to make Britain feel safe. 


Link: http://www.theguardian.com/world/middle-east-live/live/2014/sep/03/isis-threantens-to-kill-british-hostage-next-live-updates



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