The Indic Paradigm Podcast Ep5: Startup Founders Neel & Charu on How to Make Indic Culture Cool

Neelacantan and Charusmitha are founders of Coolture Designs, a Bengaluru based startup focused around products and experiences woven around Indic Culture. Their focus is on how to make different expressions of the Indic culture more contemporary and appealing to people of all ages.

I host them on the Indic Explorer YouTube Channel, on my regular podcast the Indic Paradigm. The channel focusses on the interplay of Indic culture with modernity explored through different facets in the cultural sphere.

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I do a podcast on YouTube on my channel The Indic Explorer. It is an Indic cultural podcast which focusses on the theme of different facets of Indic culture and its interplay with modernity. Twitter- Instagram- Substack-

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